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Pet Insurance 101

Does Fetch Pet Insurance cover pregnancy?

First things first: if you’re here, your pet might be pregnant, or trying to get pregnant. Congratulations on becoming (or close-to-becoming) a grand-pet-parent. For dogs, pregnancy lasts an average of 59-65 days, while for cats, it can take around 63-65 days. With proper care, most cats and dogs do not experience complications during pet pregnancy, but it does happen. It’s always a good idea to stay prepared with Fetch Pet Insurance.

Average costs of pregnancy in pets

As a pet parent, it’s important to understand the vet costs for a pregnant dog or cat. Examples of pet pregnancy costs without complications include:

  • Prenatal care for dogs, including visits to your vet for vaccines, deworming and routine care. This could cost around $150-300.
  • Health clearances, which can include X-rays taken to ensure your pet doesn’t have elbow or hip dysplasia, as well as blood testing for inherited diseases. Altogether, this can cost around $1,000.
  • Brucellosis testing to ensure both dog or cat parents are free from the bacteria,  Brucellosis canis, a cause of miscarriage. This testing may run an average of $30-40.
  • Ultrasounds and X-rays to monitor your pet’s pregnancy may cost about $100-250.

If your pet experiences any complications during their pregnancy, predictably, costs can go up.

Pregnancy medications and treatments covered by Fetch

If your pregnant pet experiences unexpected complications, the fees for these unforeseen treatments, such as a Cesarean section, may be covered under Fetch’s pet insurance policy. The answer to the questions like “does pet insurance cover cesarean?” or “does pet insurance cover emergency c-sections?” depends on variables such as whether the date of breeding falls after the waiting period of the effective date of your pet’s policy.

Pregnancy medications and treatments not covered by pet insurance 

The costs related to breeding, pregnancy, whelping/queening (birth), nursing and treatment of offspring aren’t covered by most pet insurance policies. Some pet insurance providers don’t cover the routine costs of monitoring a pet’s pregnancy, such as exams, X-rays, or lab work.

If you’re considering breeding your pet, or your pet has become pregnant, talk to your vet about what they recommend for prenatal care and testing so you know what to expect. It’s also worth considering Fetch’s pet insurance coverage before your pet becomes pregnant, so you can be prepared for any complications and associated costs. 

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