Fetch Pet Insurance vs. Healthy Paws pet insurance

Healthy Paws’ limited coverage may cost you more out of pocket.

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Get peace of mind with Fetch, the most comprehensive pet insurance around

Fetch works exclusively in the pet industry and protects over 300,000 pets. With that kind of experience, we developed the tools to help you make sure your pet is happy, healthy and living their best life.

Fetch covers what Healthy Paws charges extra for or doesn't cover at all, including:

Sick visit exam fees — saving you on average $50-$250 per visit. You’ll pay more with Healthy Paws.

Up to $1,000 in virtual vet visits (video chat, call or text), unlike Healthy Paws.

Comprehensive dental coverage for illness and disease in every adult tooth. Healthy Paws doesn’t cover every tooth.

Up to $1,000 in behavioral therapy and medicine. Healthy Paws doesn’t do that.

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Healthy Paws doesn’t cover every tooth. Fetch does.

Fetch covers every adult tooth against accidents, injuries, illnesses and diseases with no broad condition exclusions.

Healthy Paws doesn’t cover any form of dental illness or disease and only covers accidents like broken teeth.

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Unlike Healthy Paws, Fetch covers hip dysplasia in dogs 6+ years

Fetch protects all pets after 6 months with no age limitations for any covered condition.

If you’re enrolling a pet that is 6 years or older, Healthy Paws won’t cover any hip dysplasia claims.

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Healthy Paws doesn’t cover older pets. Fetch does.

Unlike Healthy Paws, Fetch insures all pets 6 weeks and older with no upper age limits.

Healthy Paws limits reimbursement and deductible options at enrollment for pets as young as 4. For some pets, they’ll even drop the reimbursement to 50%.

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With Healthy Paws, you’ll have to pay for exam fees

Fetch covers exam fees, saving you an average of $50-$250 per vet visit.

Healthy Paws does not cover exam fees.

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