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health concerns before they happen


your dog’s health with insights you won’t find online


on expensive vet bills by keeping your dog healthy

Get nosy about your dog’s health.

NEW! Fetch Health Forecast — a personalized health report for your dog, delivered in minutes.

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One-time payment  |  $19 $25*

Prevent health concerns before they start

Save on expensive vet bills

Get vet insights at your fingertips


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1 custom-made report. 3 easy steps.

Just answer a few simple questions about your dog.

Get results right away. No swabbing. No DNA. No wait time.

Let the patent-pending technology get to work.

Your dog’s custom-made report generates in minutes.

Protect your dog with personalized vet insights.

Your dog’s report empowers you to predict and prevent health concerns.

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Groundbreaking technology with clinical findings from:

180 million

data points


dog breeds






years of findings

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Get a personalized health profile just for your dog.

The Fetch Health Forecast generates a custom health profile for your dog in minutes. It combines expert veterinary advice, AI and clinical data gathered from over 800,000 dogs to predict and protect the future health of your pet.

Combined with the information you provide at sign-up, a personalized in-depth health reference library is created just for your dog.

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Receive preventive care tips from expert veterinarians.

You’ll get extensive and actionable preventive tips on diet, exercise and vaccinations to download and save for later. Along with additional guidance and recommendations from our veterinary experts on proactive steps you can take to help your dog avoid potential injuries and health conditions in the years ahead.

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Learn the signs and causes of common illnesses.

The Fetch Health Forecast automatically predicts the top 45+ health conditions your dog could potentially face. You’ll learn the causes and signs of illnesses to watch out for and get expert pre- and post-diagnosis information. Valuable information to help prevent health concerns before they start.

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Accurately predict the cost of care.

The Health Forecast will break down the costs of care based on specific illnesses and injuries that your dog could potentially develop. Being able to anticipate these issues ahead of time and treat them early will not only help protect your dog, it will also help you avoid expensive veterinary bills later.

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Recommended by top veterinarians.

"The Fetch Health Forecast gives pet parents a straightforward and easily accessible starting point to take control of their dog’s preventive healthcare in partnership with their veterinarians."

Dr. Aliya McCullough
DVM, MS, Fetch Chief Veterinary Officer & Director of Veterinary Affairs

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Dr. Evan Antin, DVM
Veterinarian, Wildlife Conservationist & Pet Health Advocate

“The Fetch Health Forecast is a really useful tool for pet parents. See your dog’s potential for future conditions and get prevention tips, health advice and ways to take action today.”

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“The Forecast sheds light on conditions that so many pet parents would not know to look out for otherwise. Ultimately, I believe it’s going to increase the longevity and quality of our pets’ lives.”

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A headshot of Dr. Audrey Ruple.

Dr. Audrey Ruple, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVPM, MRCVS
Veterinarian, Dorothy A. & Richard G. Metcalf Professor of Veterinary Medical Informatics & Founding Member of the Fetch Health Forecast

Dr. Kwane Stewart, DVM
Certified Fear Free Veterinarian, Shelter Pet Advocate & Founder of Project Street Vet

“As a vet of 25 years, I think this tool is incredibly helpful for everyone to become a more proactive dog parent.“

with Dr. Kwane Stewart, DVM

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NEW! Fetch Health Forecast

1 payment for a lifetime of pet health information.

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Help your pet live a longer, healthier life.