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Unmatched pet insurance, advice & love.

Fetch by The Dodo is health insurance for your pet. But it’s so much more. We’re dedicated to helping adoring pet parents give their pets happier, healthier and longer lives.

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A curious French Bulldog puppy laying on a pink couch.

That would definitely make me breathe a lot easier.

It’s all included in one simple plan.

Prescription medications & supplements

Emergency vet visits

Virtual, in-home & office visits

Hospital stays

Physical therapy



X-rays & CT scans


Blood tests

Breed-specific issues including hip dysplasia


Sick-visit exam fees

Laboratory tests

Vomiting & diarrhea

Hereditary & congenital issues

Swallowed objects & toxins

Every tooth covered

Gum disease

Diabetes & insulin

Cancer treatment

Acupuncture & chiropractic care

Treatment for aggression & separation anxiety

And more!

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Fetch covers your pet’s most common and not-so-common conditions.

Sick visits

We cover the exam fee for sick visits, which can be around $50-$250.

Every tooth and gum

We cover injury and disease in every adult tooth — not just the canines.

Breed-specific issues

We cover medical conditions linked to breed, like breathing problems in French Bulldogs.

Alternative & holistic care

We cover treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic and homeopathic therapy. No add-ons required.

Diagnostic tests

We cover tests such as blood tests, MRIs and ultrasounds to help diagnose an injury or illness.

Virtual vet visits

Remote treatment by a vet via phone, email, text or video chat is covered up to $1,000 per year.

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How Fetch works.

Pay your vet as usual.

Fetch works on a reimbursement model: you pay your veterinarian, then we pay you back. You can use any vet in Canada or the U.S., specialists and emergency clinics included.

Use our app to file a claim.

The Fetch by The Dodo app makes it fast and easy to file claims. Just scan and upload an invoice and your pet’s medical records, and we’ll take it from there.

Get paid back fast.

Claims are typically processed within 15 days. With direct deposit, money goes right into your account when claims are approved — no extra charges, no hidden fees.

The sooner you enroll your pet the more we can cover. Fetch will be there for future accidents and illnesses your pet may face, but like other providers we’re unable to cover pre-existing conditions.

Your pet, your price.

The research and data we gather gives you the fairest and most accurate pricing based on your pet’s breed, age and location.

Plans average

$35/month for dogs

Plans average

$25/month for cats

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Protecting pet parents against unexpected veterinary bills.

Dante the St. Bernard.


St. Bernard mix

Ruptured disc

Medical costs: $18,453
Fetch paid back: $11,691

“I think pet insurance is 100% a must-have. It's peace of mind. It's the thing you hope you never need. But when you do, it comes through for you like a lifesaver.”

— Vaish and Matangi
Dante’s parents

Reuben the Chihuahua.


Chihuahua mix

Ruptured disc

Medical costs: $27,019
Fetch paid back: $20,604

“After one of Reuben’s discs had burst, Fetch made it possible for him to get the surgery and ongoing care needed to live a happy life. There’s no other way we could have done it.”

— Jonathan and Shahar
Reuben’s parents

Greyson the Pit Bull.



Swallowed object

Medical costs: $3,466
Fetch paid back: $2,457

“It’s just such a peace of mind having pet insurance and knowing that, if anything happens, they’re covered.”

— Mishel and Gert
Greyson’s parents

Diego the cat.


Mixed breed

Bladder stones

Medical costs: $21,436
Fetch paid back: $18,042

"Just like humans, insurance offers peace of mind that you are protected, at least financially, for your pets' needs. That's what's really important about having pet insurance."

— Clay and Michael
Diego’s parents

George the Schnoodle



Heart disease and cancer

Medical costs: $35,689
Fetch paid back: $28,370

“I enrolled in Fetch because I would never want to be in the position where I have to choose between him and my life savings. I can’t even imagine how I would’ve done this without pet insurance.”

— Lauren
George’s parent

dog running to camera in the grass with kiddie pool in background



ACL tear

Medical costs: $4,607
Fetch paid back: $3,685

“Fetch is that safety net and peace of mind that medically he was going to be okay, financially we would be okay.”

— Elizabeth and Andrew
Waldorf’s parents

See all the ways we are helping pets in need.

small puppy being held by a person shown in black and white

Shelter Partners

Fetch has donated $1.8 million to help keep pets safe and find forever homes.

Learn more
Dr. Kwane Stewart holding two puppies.

Project Street Vet

To help the pets of people experiencing homelessness, Fetch has donated $50,255 to date.

Learn more
A large fluffy dog sitting on a couch with a tennis ball in his mouth.

So Fetch isn't just chasing after a tennis ball?

The Dig by Fetch — a deep dive into all things pets.

Ever wondered why dogs chase their tails? Or if your cat has conjunctivitis? Curious to know if dogs can eat bell peppers, or how and when to bathe a cat? The answers to all these questions and many more can be found in The Dig, Fetch by The Dodo’s around-the-clock online resource of all things pets. It covers lifestyle, health and wellness, and even an exhaustive list of things your dog can and/or can’t safely eat. Cinnamon? Not so much.

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