Introducing the Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board.

Our mission is to help adoring pet parents give their pets a happier, healthier and longer life. We established the Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board to help achieve this goal and ensure the well-being of our pets is at the forefront of everything we do.

The Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board is a committee of top tier veterinary professionals, industry leaders and pet health experts. Not only do they inform us on products, policies, tools and content, but they also elevate the voices of the veterinary community at large and advise on important pet health information. The advisory board, in partnership with Fetch, will positively impact pet health and wellness to help keep our pets happier and healthier for longer.

Get to know our team of veterinary professionals & pet health experts.

A headshot of Dr. Audrey Ruple.

Dr. Audrey Ruple, DVM, MS, PhD, DipACVPM, MRCVS

Veterinarian, Dorothy A. & Richard G. Metcalf Professor of Veterinary Medical Informatics & Chair of the Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board

Dr. Aliya McCullough, DVM, MS

Fetch Chief Veterinary Officer & Director of Veterinary Affairs

Dr. Kwane Stewart, DVM

Certified Fear Free Veterinarian, Shelter Pet Advocate & Founder of Project Street Vet

Dr. Monica Tarantino, DVM

Chief of Staff & Lead Associate Veterinarian at the Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill

Dr. Kerri Rodriguez, PhD

Human-Animal Interaction Researcher, Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona, College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Noe Galvan, DVM, MPH

Veterinarian, Head of ER & Overnight Medical Director at VCA Oso Creek Animal Hospital & Emergency Center

Questions about our new advisory team?

Why did we form the Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board?

Fetch is more than pet insurance. We're a tech-enabled pet wellness company. Partnering with the veterinary community and giving them a voice in our policies, product decisions and pet parenting education allows us to further our mission of helping pet parents give their pets healthier, longer lives.

What are the goals of the Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board?

The Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board will provide guidance, recommendations and feedback to Fetch based on their frontline perspectives as leaders in the veterinary field. The team will also identify ways to address the hardships faced by the veterinary community including student loan debt, burnout, diversity and inclusion.

To learn more about the mission of the Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board,
view our article on The Dig.

How will this help me and my pet?

With advisement from top veterinary experts and leaders, Fetch policies and products will better serve the pets and their parents, and the veterinary community as a whole.

Will this increase the cost of my pet insurance policy?

No, there will be no additional cost for policyholders. The Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board will provide even more value to you by helping to improve our pet insurance products, services and building even stronger relationships with the veterinary community.

How were members selected?

Fetch Veterinary Advisory Board members were selected based on their extensive knowledge of the veterinary field, passion for educating pet parents and their deep commitment to the vet community. A wide range of expertises and backgrounds were selected to better represent this diverse community and ensure the needs of our pets and pet parents are paramount.