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Wondering who has the best pet insurance? We sniffed out the differences for you, so you can see how Fetch’s unmatched coverage is top dog.

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You had me at Fetch.

— Rugby

Fetch covers more than most other providers, including Pumpkin

Fetch Pet Insurance is proud to protect over 425,000 pets (and counting!) with the most comprehensive coverage. Pumpkin pet insurance has limited or no coverage when it comes to dental illness, holistic therapies and more.

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Pumpkin doesn’t cover every tooth — Fetch does

Fetch covers injury and disease in every adult tooth, not just the canines. Plus, you get full coverage for periodontal disease (the most common disease in dogs and cats), oral tumors, trauma and more.

Pumpkin’s limited pet insurance coverage does not cover endodontic or orthodontic dental services such as caps, crowns, crown amputation, fillings, implants or root canals.

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When it comes to alternative & holistic care care, Fetch has you covered

Fetch covers medicines like antibiotics and insulin, as well as natural supplements like vitamins and herbal therapies, when recommended by a vet to treat a new injury or illness.

Pumpkin has limited options when it comes to alternative and holistic therapies — they don’t cover herbal supplements.

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Fetch’s app makes it easy to submit claims and get paid fast — Pumpkin doesn’t have an app

Snap photos of your documents, send them to us and we’ll do the rest.

Pumpkin does not have a dedicated app. You need to submit claims via their online member center.

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Fetch has your back if you're hospitalized

We’re not just here for your pet — should you require hospitalization for 4 days or more, we’ll cover up to $1,000 of your pet’s boarding fees.

Pumpkin Pet Insurance doesn’t cover this, so you’ll likely need to find someone to take care of your pet or pay boarding fees out of pocket.

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Fetch covers more than just vet bills

If your pet goes missing, we want to help. Fetch covers the cost of advertising that your pet is lost and paying a reasonable reward for finding them. Your plan includes coverage up to $1,000 per year.

Pumpkin doesn’t offer this.

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What should you consider when you’re comparing pet insurance providers?

What does the coverage include?

Not all pet insurance plans are created equally. If a provider doesn’t cover a condition your pet has or treatment they need, you won’t be able to file a claim and get paid back for it — which means you could run into some serious costs. Take a close look at all limitations and exclusions for a given pet insurance plan, which can include factors like upper age limits and exclusions for breed-specific conditions.

How much can you customize the price?

Getting a plan that works for your pet and your budget is key. With Fetch, you can customize your plan, including choosing your deductible, max annual payout and reimbursement rate. Not all providers let you customize your price like this.

What matters the most to you?

Every plan is different, and every pet parent is, too. Some people only want protection in case of injury and illness — the unexpected stuff you can’t see coming — while others also want coverage for things like chronic conditions. Make sure that what you’re paying for is what is best for your pet’s needs and your budget.

Add routine & preventive coverage, save up to $735 more a year

Fetch Wellness is an optional add-on to your Fetch Pet Insurance plan that gives your pet routine and preventive coverage (think: vaccines and annual exams).

Unexpected Visits

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Covers injuries, illnesses, prescription medications & more.



Add Fetch Wellness

Covers annual exams, vaccinations, dental cleanings & more.

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Compare Fetch to Pumpkin Pet Insurance




Covers pets of every age 6 weeks+

Use any vet in the U.S. and Canada

Offers wellness coverage

Sick-visit exam fees


Online vet visits

Alternative & holistic care

Behavioral therapy

Breed-specific conditions

Every tooth, plus gums


Not covered

Less coverage
than Fetch

This comparison is based on core policy coverage and the information is accurate as of September 2023.

Fetch Wellness is add-on coverage.

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