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5 tips for helping your dog get used to an E-collar

Let's get them a little more comfortable

When dogs have surgeries, your vet may send them home wearing an e-collar, also called an Elizabethan collar. If your pup is feeling a little stressed, don’t worry. Adjusting to wearing the large cone can be difficult for your best friend — that’s why Fetch by The Dodo’s on-staff Dr. Aliya McCullough is sharing five tips to make this experience a little easier for them.‍

01: Help your pup get around the house‍

The cone is a lot wider than your dog’s head, so learning how to move through usual spaces can be tricky. Be sure to guide them and move anything that may trip them up. ‍

02: Stay close and cuddly‍

It’s likely that your dog will need a little extra help, so stay close by to lend some support (this also doubles as a great excuse not to leave the couch).‍

03: Give your dog all the praise‍

When your pup shows good behavior with the collar, give them compliments (a little extra attention never hurts). The boost of confidence will help your pet know that they’re doing the right thing and get used to the e-collar faster. ‍

04: Take the collar off for meals‍

Your pet’s eating space may need to be reimagined given the shape and size of the e-collar. Most dogs learn to eat with an e-collar but in some cases, it’s too tricky. To make mealtimes a breeze, it’s OK to remove it for eating and put it back on immediately afterward. Be sure to keep an eye on them. ‍

05: Safe fun is encouraged‍

Don’t feel guilty for enforcing the e-collar. It’s necessary for your pet’s speedy (and safe) recovery to keep it on at all times (with the possible exception of meals). And your pup can still have safe fun — follow the doctor’s orders when it comes to playtime. 

If your dog is really struggling, ask your vet about some other options. Donuts (inflatable collars) are great alternatives to the traditional e-collar. 

Most dogs get used to wearing the e-collar within 24 hours. With Fetch by The Dodo’s dog insurance, you can pour all of your energy into helping your pet adjust and recover, rather than worrying about the vet bills. 


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