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The back of a dog's head as they sit in front of a fire.

Can dogs eat marshmallows?

Can dogs eat marshmallows? Although these treats are delicious for us humans, they may not be so safe for our pets. Dr. Kim Smyth breaks it down for us.

Brown cat with green eyes walking towards camera in the snow.

Tips for treating frostbite in pets

Worried your pet is suffering from frostbite? Dr. Rebecca Jackson, a Fetch pet expert, quickly explains how to help your cat or dog.

Grey and white cat sleeping on the couch.

Is melatonin safe for pets?

Melatonin helps pet parents get a more restful sleep and relax, but is it safe for our pets? Here’s a couple things you need to know before giving your pet melatonin.

Beagle looking out of curtains through a window.

Separation anxiety in pets

Does your pet suffer from separation anxiety? Fetch shares what this behavior may look like in cats and dogs and how you can help your best friend.

Basset Hound sitting on a couch looking into the camera in front of a yellow wall.

How to stop your dog from howling

Does your dog howl when you leave? If so, it could be a sign of separation anxiety. Fetch shares a couple of tips to stop your pet from howling.

A brown and white Australian Shepherd running on a beach.

How to take your pet’s vital signs

Dr. Rebecca Jackson, a Fetch pet expert, goes over the three main pet vital signs all pet parents should know how to measure.

A close-up of a cat's face highlighting their whiskers.

Why do cats have whiskers?

Pet parents may be surprised to learn how important a cat’s whiskers are. These delicate hairs help them to communicate and navigate the world. Dr. Ernie Ward, a Fetch pet expert, explains just how cool they really are.

A golden retriever laying on a bed next to their pet parent who is typing on their laptop.

Tips for pet surgery: incision care

Caring for your pet’s incision post-surgery may seem daunting, but Fetch proves that it’s easier than it seems with these care tips.

A grey cat starring at table edge.

Essential oils and pet safety

Are essential oils safe to use around pets? Read about how the scent and amount used can impact your cats and dogs.

Chow chow looking at the camera with their paws in front.

What causes hair loss in dogs?

Is your dog shedding a lot? Fetch pet expert Dr. Kim Smyth breaks down the possible reason for your dog’s hair loss.

An orange cat licking itself and rubbing their face with their paw.

Five reasons for excessive cat grooming

Is your cat grooming more than normal? Fetch pet expert, Dr. Kim Smyth, shares what could be behind your cat’s excessive licking to avoid painful bald spots.

A husky laying in front of a grill.

Can charcoal ashes make my dog sick?

Did your dog eat charcoal ashes? Fetch pet expert Dr. Ernie Ward explains how charcoal ashes from our grills affect dogs.

A brown dog with this tongue out sitting on the beach.

When finding lumps is a cause for concern

Have you noticed a lump or mass on your dog? Pet expert, Dr. Rebecca Jackson, shares helpful signs to look out for to decide if you should take your dog to the vet.

A brown doodle playing in the snow.

How cold is too cold for your dog?

As the weather gets colder, it’s important to think about how cold temperatures and weather could be affecting our dogs. Pet expert, Dr. Kim Smyth, shares some great tips to decide when it’s safe for your dog to play outside.

A brown and white mixed older dog sitting on a leather chair.

Why do dogs drag their butts?

No matter what it’s called, dogs rubbing their butt along the floor certainly raises some questions. Don’t worry, Fetch pet expert, Dr. Ernie Ward, highlights some common causes and solutions for why your dog might be cutting the rug.

A cat smelling a bush and wagging their tail.

Six ways cats communicate with their tails

Cats wag their tails, just like dogs do. Fetch pet expert, Dr. Ernie Ward, shares how cats communicate with their tails so you can strengthen your bond with your best friend.

A brown cat laying on the bed and cuddling with their pet parent.

Tips for pet health: cats' swollen lymph nodes

Cat’s lymph nodes become inflamed as a sign of an illness, just like they do for humans. Fetch asked Dr. Kim Smyth to explain the cause and symptoms that pet parents can look out for.

Two long-haired dachshunds running on the beach.

How hot is too hot for your dog?

As the weather warms up, it’s important to think about how the temperatures could affect our dogs. Dr. Kim Smyth, shares tips to decide when it’s safe for your dog to be outdoors.

A dog swimming in the water with a stick in their mouth.

A pet parent's guide to caring for your dog's ears

Water in your dog’s ear causes discomfort and is an opportunity for bacteria to grow. Fetch pet expert, Dr. Kim Smyth, shares some infection prevention and treatment tips to help your dog.

A cat sitting and looking into the camera in front of a green background.

What your cat's eyes can tell you about their health

Cat’s eyes are not only fascinating, but they also can tell you a lot about their health. Fetch pet expert Dr. Kim Smyth shares a few key signs to look out for in your cat’s eyes.

A black pug looking up at their pet parent and wearing an e-collar.

Five tips for wearing an e-collar for dogs

If your dog had surgery and needs to wear an e-collar, it’s vital for their recovery that they keep it on. Fetch pet expert, Dr. Kim Smyth, gives some easy tips on how to make it less stressful for your dog.

Little white kitten.

Tips for pet health: side effects of antibiotics and steroids

Antibiotics and steroids both have irritating side effects for our pets. Fetch pet expert, Dr. Kim Smyth, shares what pet parents need to know when caring for their sick pet.

A an orange and white cat licking its lips in front of a pink background.

Food safety: is yogurt safe for pets?

Is yogurt safe for your pet? Fetch asked pet expert, Dr. Ernie Ward, to explain if this tasty snack is OK for our pets.

A German Shepherd laying in the grass in front of a fence.

A pet parent's guide to dislocated hips

Fetch worked with veterinarian Dr. Kim Smyth to cover everything you need to know about dislocated hips, from symptoms to treatment options.

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