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Can dogs eat brussels sprouts?

Yes, but it depends on how you serve brussels sprouts.

You’re hosting a holiday dinner party, and it’s time to serve your guests. As your hands are full of main courses, your pup reaches for your famous brussels sprout dish left on the counter. Now there are some missing bites from the plate. 

Don't fret if your dog sneaks a brussels sprout, as they'll likely be OK, Dr. Aliya McCullough, Fetch's on-staff veterinarian, explains. This vegetable isn't toxic to dogs, but there are a couple of things to consider before serving them up a bowl of their own. Here's what you need to know about brussels sprouts and dog safety. 

Are brussels sprouts good for dogs?

According to Dr. McCullough, you should always ask your vet before introducing your dog to new (and even “safe”) foods as each dog is different. Treats (including brussels sprouts) shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily diet. So your pup likely won’t experience many benefits after having a bite or two of this vegetable. However, when served correctly, brussels sprouts are good for dogs because of the vitamins and nutrients they boast, like: 

  • Vitamin K: aids in blood health
  • Vitamin C: provides immune support and is an energy source
  • Vitamin B: regulates carbohydrate metabolism and acts as a building block for enzymes
  • Vitamin A: promotes vision, dental, skin and coat health
  • Antioxidants: protects the cells of the body from damage
  • Fiber: promotes a healthy gut and helps dogs feel full

Another bonus: Dr. McCullough adds that brussels sprouts are a great alternative to commercial treats because of their extra vitamins and health benefits. 

Are brussels sprouts bad for dogs?

Even though brussels sprouts aren’t toxic to dogs, there’s always a chance that a new food item may not agree with your pup. If you think your dog is having a bad reaction to brussels sprouts, Dr. McCullough recommends looking for upset-stomach symptoms like excessive gassiness, vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, your pup might also experience lethargy and a decreased appetite. Contact your veterinarian if your dog shows any sickness after eating brussels sprouts.  

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How can I serve my dog brussels sprouts?

Check with your veterinarian about safety precautions worth taking and serving sizes to follow before feeding your dog brussels sprouts. But when it comes to serving brussels sprouts to dogs, boiled is usually best. Be sure to leave out oil or seasonings, like salt, pepper, garlic and onion (as the last two are toxic for dogs). 

Happy snacking

We’re confident that brussels sprouts aren’t the only human food your dog would love to sink their teeth into (cue the drool). Check out our series “Can dogs eat ... ?” to learn more about which human foods are off-limits and what’s fair game.

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