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Can dogs eat bread?

Yes (if they’re not allergic to wheat).

If you think the smell of fresh bread is drool-worthy, imagine how intense it is to our dogs. Luckily for our best friends, bread is usually safe for dogs to enjoy. So, the next time you slice open that French baguette, save a little piece for your pup.

(Even though bread is generally safe for your pet, always consult your vet before introducing a new food item to their diet.)

Is bread good for dogs?

Bread isn’t packed with vitamins and nutrients, but it is generally safe for your dog to eat. Bread is a source of carbohydrates, though, which can provide your pup with an energy boost after consuming. However, if your pup is on a complete balanced diet, their carbohydrate needs are probably already being met.

Can I give my dog bread as a treat?

Ask your vet if your dog suffers from a wheat allergy or intolerance. If so, bread is off-limits for your pup. Giving your dog small amounts of bread on special occasions might be OK (if they don’t have an allergy), but too much bread can cause weight gain and other health issues. Excess carbohydrates in your dog’s diet may also make it hard to manage certain medical conditions like diabetes.

What to do if you think your dog ate raw dough

Never feed your dog raw dough. The yeast actually rises in dogs’ stomachs causing bloating and producing high levels of ethanol (a type of alcohol produced when sugar is fermented), which can cause alcohol toxicosis. Here are some signs your dog ate raw dough:

• Weakness
• Depression
• Vomiting
• Hypothermia
• Seizures
• Disorientation

If you think your dog ate raw dough, contact your veterinarian or the Pet Poison Helpline (855-764-7661) for advice. In case of an emergency, it's best to have a plan in place, so you can act fast and get your pup the help they need. Here are some quick steps to get you started:

• Write down the address and phone number of your nearest animal emergency room.
• Keep a pet first aid kit in your car and house.
• Organize all of your pets' medical records and vaccination cards.

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How to serve your dog bread

Since bread isn’t packed with health benefits, this treat should only be given on special occasions. Choose the right kind of bread, too. Stick to low-fat, low-sodium bread. Read the ingredients and stay away from bread that has garlic, seeds or raisins, as they can cause an upset stomach and health issues.

Happy snacking

Letting your dog have a whole bagel or half of your sub isn’t a great idea. But, if you ever drop a piece of bread (that doesn’t have harmful toppings or add-ons), don’t worry about wrangling it out of your pup’s mouth, as it’s generally safe to eat.

We’re confident that bread isn’t the only human food your dog would love to sink their teeth into (cue the drool). Check out our series “Can dogs eat ... ?” to learn more about which human foods are off-limits and what’s fair game.

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