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Should I use a stroller for my dog?

It’s a safe option for your tired pup

The minute your tired pup calls it quits on your walk, there’s no getting them to continue. As you trek on, arms burning from the weight of your sleepy pup, the idea of a dog stroller becomes increasingly appealing. Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough thinks it’s a good idea for you, too. 

Benefits of using a stroller for your dog

  • A dog stroller is a great way to easily travel with an older pet. 
  • Breeds that find it harder to exercise for long periods of time (like pugs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers) could benefit from having a stroller break — runners, this applies to you, especially!
  • Strollers let dogs with or recovering from injuries enjoy the fresh air.
  • Dog strollers with canopies give your pup a shaded place to relax on hot days and protect their paws from overheated pavement. 
  • If you live in a city setting and are concerned about sharp items, like broken glass or trash, on sidewalks, strollers are a great way to transport them to a park or safe area. 
  • Want to take multiple dogs on a walk at the same time? Double dog strollers let you bring along all of your pups. 

How to use a dog stroller

  • Don’t fully replace walking with dog stroller rides. Talk to your vet about how much time should be spent in the stroller versus walking (dogs still need some sniffing time). 
  • Start slow. If your dog has never traveled in a stroller or been around one, it may be intimidating. Dr. McCullough recommends bringing your pet into a room with the stroller so they can get comfortable around it. Once they’re relaxed, start with short walks and gradually increase your distance each outing. 
  • Reward them with treats for good dog stroller behavior. 
  • Make sure that they’re safely strapped in. Anxious dogs may want to jump out of the stroller — attaching their harness to the stroller will make sure they’re secure. 
  • If your dog feels super anxious, try lining the stroller with a potty pad and giving them their favorite toy or blanket to make them comfortable. 

Using a dog stroller gives you and your pet the freedom to travel wherever the adventures may take you.

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