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Pet Insurance 101

How Scratch Plans help pay veterinary bills

There are multiple payment plans to choose from.

Fetch Pet Insurance makes handling your bills easier by paying you back for 90% of unexpected veterinary expenses. And even though filing a claim is simple, and you can be paid back quickly, it still doesn’t necessarily make paying the initial fee any easier at the moment. 

That’s where Scratch Plans can help. It’s a simple patient-financing solution that lets you break large vet bills into bi-weekly or monthly payments depending on the plan you select. And Scratch Plans isn’t a credit card, so it won’t affect your credit score. 

Keep reading to find out how Scratch Plans can help you manage costly veterinary bills, so you can get back to the important stuff — like long walks, fetch games and lots of snuggles. 

What are Scratch Plans?

Scratch Financial, Inc. offers Scratch Plans, aka payment plans to finance costs for veterinary care, dental work and vision. These offerings are available to U.S. residents 18 years or older, and you can easily search their provider network to find a vet practice offering Scratch Plans.

How do Scratch Plans work?

Signing up for a Scratch Plan is simple. Start by applying for a payment plan on your phone or computer. There are three Scratch Plans to choose from depending on your lifestyle, including bi-weekly (5 payments), monthly for 12 months or monthly for a year. 

In your application, you’ll choose the veterinary practice to which you want your loan sent. It only takes around 90 seconds to apply, and they’ll let you know on the spot if you’ve been approved or denied. If you’re approved, select your plan and sign your e-signature. 

From there, the funds will be sent to the veterinary practice to cover the bill. Then, you can start making payments depending on the Scratch Plan you selected. And after being approved, you’ll want to file a claim with Fetch. Once Fetch pays you back, you can use that money to contribute to the Scratch Pay loan. 

And making payments is simple, visit your Scratch Plan Account or call 855-727-2395 any day, any time.

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How does pet insurance work?

Getting paid back for your pet’s medical expenses is straightforward, too. After signing up for Fetch cat or dog insurance, there’s a 15-day waiting period before any health-related issue is covered. 

After the brief waiting period, you’re all set to submit your claims. Here’s how it works.

Step one: Use any veterinarian in the U.S. or Canada.

Step two: Submit a claim in minutes. Just take a picture of your vet documents, answer a few questions about your pet’s treatment on our app or website and we’ll handle it from there. 

Step three: Get paid back! You can receive up to 90% of your vet expenses back once your claim is approved.

Scratch Financial, Inc. and Fetch Pet Insurance help to get your pet the care they need, whenever they need it, without worrying about expensive vet bills. Visit Scratch Plans website today to learn more. 

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Save up to 90% on unexpected vet bills

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