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A dog in a field getting their photo taken in The Dig’s article about Jacksonville Humane’s Society’s pet photo contest

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Jacksonville Humane Society’s Cutest Pet Photo Contest

It’s hard to just pick one winner

Jacksonville Humane Society’s (JHS) Cutest Pet Photo Contest is an annual digital event in partnership with Purina that takes place each year and lasts a month. Jacksonville natives can upload photographs and a bio about their best friend to compete for the title of the city’s cutest pet. 

Your pet doesn’t have to be adopted from JHS to enter. Just pay $5 to join and $1 to vote for your favorites. “It gets very competitive because the grand prize is being pet of the year and we put your pet on digital billboards on our website,” Theresa Scordo, director of development at JHS, said. “It’s tons and tons of recognition for your cat or dog.” While there’s one grand prize winner, there will also be 11 runner-ups that’ll be pet of the month the following year. 

In 2020, over 600 pets participated in the digital event. After canceling their annual gala because of COVID-19, JHS was looking for a way to unite the pet parent community, and that’s where the idea for the digital fundraising event was born. Last year’s success proved that people wanted to share photos of their best friends while also raising money for a great cause. 

Ruby, the winner of Jacksonville Humane Society's 2021 Cutest Pet Photo Contest

Even though pets don’t have to be adopted from JHS to enter, many from last year’s event were. It turned out to be a great opportunity for the JHS team and community members to hear about the pet’s new life. “Some people talk about why they adopted from us, what their pet has done for them and how they’ve changed their lives,” Theresa said. “The winner of the 2020 contest was a dog that originally came to our shelter and actually survived a fire in 2007 and got to this new home. The story was phenomenal.” All of the proceeds go towards making the shelter animals’ stay more comfortable. 

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