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Pet Insurance 101

Does pet insurance cover surgery?

And when to sign up for pet insurance.

There are several things you can plan for throughout your pet’s life — upcoming adventures, park hangs and scoring reservations to pet-friendly restaurants. But sometimes, unexpected health injuries and illnesses lead to things you may not necessarily have an itinerary for, like surgery.

That’s where Fetch Pet Insurance steps up. For example, suppose your veterinarian recommends that your dog or cat have surgery. In that case, pet insurance not only gives you the freedom of knowing that up to 90% of your vet bills will be covered, but also lets you focus on getting your pet back to their optimal health.

Here’s how pet insurance can be there for your pet if they ever need surgery.

Does pet insurance cover surgery?

If your pet ever needs surgery, feel confident knowing that Fetch Pet Insurance will likely cover some of the costs — regardless of if it’s for a dog or cat. And as the most comprehensive pet insurance provider, Fetch doesn’t just cover surgeries. Here’s a list of how we’ll be there for your pet:

  • Veterinary exam fees
  • Emergency vet visits
  • Specialist vet visits
  • Comprehensive dental
  • Breed-specific conditions
  • Complete sick visit
  • Injuries and illnesses
  • Virtual vet visits
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Imaging and ultrasounds (like MRIs)
  • Holistic and chiropractic care
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Cancer treatment
  • Surgery and rehabilitation

However, like all pet insurance providers, we don’t cover pre-existing conditions, which are injuries or illnesses treated before signing up for pet insurance or prior to your pet’s first veterinary exam. We also don’t cover cosmetic or elective procedures like tail docking and ear cropping (unless your vet decides they’re medically necessary).

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Can I get pet insurance before surgery?

It's best to sign up for pet insurance while your pet is young or just after bringing them home so that any future conditions can be covered.

t'll likely be covered as long as it is not a pre-existing condition and the medically-necessary surgery happens after the brief waiting period of up to 15 days. Here's an overview of how Fetch Pet Insurance works:

Step one: Visit any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada.

Step two: Submit a claim on our app or website by taking a photo of your vet documents. Fetch will handle the rest.

Step three: Get paid back! If you’re using direct deposit, you can receive up to 90% of your vet expenses back in just 2 days after the approval of your claim.

How much does dog surgery cost?

The cost of surgery (for both dogs and cats) depends on several factors. Surgeries vary in price depending on your pet's age, size, health status and geographic location, and the type of surgery your veterinarian recommended, Dr. Aliya McCullough, Fetch’s on-staff veterinarian, says.

Surgery costs also depend on the type of hospital that it’s performed in. If the surgery is performed at a specialty hospital, it’ll likely cost more than at a primary veterinarian’s office, she adds.

Even though you can't always plan for your pet's surgeries, you can be super prepared to have them covered by signing up for Fetch Pet Insurance today.

The Dig, Fetch Pet Insurance's expert-backed editorial, answers all of the questions you forget to ask your vet or are too embarrassed to ask at the dog park. We help make sure you and your best friend have more good days, but we’re there on bad days, too.

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