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The most popular cat names of pets insured by Fetch

Find inspiration for your new cat’s name here.

Picking out the perfect cat name to match your pet’s personality is arguably one of the most important (and sometimes daunting) parts of pet parenthood. Whether your cat is an adventurous Siberian or more independent Norwegian Forest cat — or any breed (or mix!) at all — there’s much to consider, from personality to look to overall vibe, when choosing their forever moniker. 

And if you need a little pet name inspiration, you’re in the right place. Using our patent-pending Fetch Forward™ technology, we've pulled the 10 most popular names of cats insured with Fetch pet insurance in 2021. 

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Cat names

Landing on the right name for your cat should feel natural. After saying it just once, it should feel like this name was made for them. There are a lot of great cat names out there, but these are the names of the feline friends we meet most often:

1. Luna

2. Oliver

3. Bella

4. Leo

5. Charlie

6. Milo

7. Simba

8. Lucy

9. Max

10. Lily

And if you're bringing your new cat into a family of existing pets, we have some tips for you. First, provide enough safe spaces for each cat, and ensure you have enough litter boxes (the number of cats in your family plus one) so there is no tension between pets. Then, take their introductions slowly, give them breaks and monitor their interactions. Soon enough, Luna, Oliver and Bella will likely be the best of friends with these tips. 

Congratulations on welcoming a new cat into your family. Deciding on your cat's new name is just the beginning of giving them a long and healthy life

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