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Burmese cat breed profile

Burmese cats make great family pets.

Whether your cat is a purebred Burmese, or a Burmese mix, learning about their breed can explain a lot about your pet’s personality, habits and overall health. 

Or maybe you’re looking for a cat that keeps you on your toes and loves adventure? If this sounds like your kind of pet, Burmese cats would be a great match for you. 

“Burmese cats are active and curious cats,” Dr. Aliya McCullough, Fetch’s on-staff veterinarian, explains. “They like to jump and climb, so cat trees and places to perch would be a good addition to a home with Burmese cats.”

How big are Burmese cats?

Female Burmese cats can weigh between 8 to 12 pounds, Dr. McCullough says. However, male Burmese cats are known to weigh more. It typically takes this cat breed around 18 months to reach their full maturity, she adds. 

What’s Burmese cats’ fur like? 

This cat breed has a short and smooth coat, and their fur grows in various colors. You may spot a Burmese cat with sable, champagne, blue, platinum, lilac, fawn, red, cream, chocolate, cinnamon or tortoiseshell coloring. 

Burmese cats aren’t hypoallergenic, Dr. McCullough says. So if you struggle with pet-related allergies, it might be a good idea to find a solution with your doctor before bringing a Burmese cat home. 

What are Burmese cats’ personalities like? 

This cat breed generally loves adventuring, so investing in some tall cat trees would benefit them. They’re also curious cats, so you may want to keep your shades open to let them watch what’s happening outside. If you’re a pet parent to other cats and dogs, a Burmese cat will likely fit right into your posse. 

“Burmese cats are generally thought to get along well with other cats and dogs,” Dr. McCullough says. “Every cat is different and has their own personality, so this may not apply to every Burmese.”

And if you have little kids running around your home, these cats make awesome pets, too. However, Dr. McCullough stresses the importance of teaching kids the right way to interact with new and familiar pets to respect their boundaries. 

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What health issues do Burmese cats commonly have?

Whenever you bring a new pet into your life, you should schedule a vet visit as soon as possible to examine your pet’s health. If you’re a Burmese cat parent, Dr. McCullough shares common health issues that affect this breed, as well as the symptoms and treatments, so that you can ask your veterinarian at your appointment: 

Diabetes mellitus

 According to Dr. McCullough, you should watch out for increased thirst and urination, a bigger appetite, weight loss, lethargy and poor fur quality. 

“Diabetes is a lifelong condition that requires insulin injections. Some cats may go into remission,” she adds.

Hypokalemic polymyopathy 

Hypokalemic polymyopathy is a genetic condition, which causes low potassium levels in cats’ bodies. As a result, Burmese cats experience increased thirst and urination, weakness, stiffness, muscle pain, lack of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, constipation and neck ventroflexion, which is when a cat’s chin is tucked and pointed toward their chest, Dr. McCullough explains.

Your veterinarian will likely recommend potassium supplements to help with this condition.

Feline orofacial pain syndrome 

This syndrome usually affects just one side of a cat’s face (or one side more than the other), and symptoms include exaggerated chewing or licking, pawing at their mouth (this can also result in scratches) and harming their tongue. 

Unfortunately, the cause of this syndrome is unknown, so the treatment is still complex, Dr. McCullough says. However, veterinarians may recommend medication to help with “controlling pain, reducing inflammation, lowering stress and anxiety and decreasing painful episodes.”

Adopting a Burmese cat

Are you interested in adopting a Burmese, Burmese mix or any pet at all? We think every pet deserves a home and encourage you to check out our shelter partners. And if you have other cats, be sure to read our article about safely introducing new cats to your cats at home

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