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Fetch Cares

2022 Fetch Community Impact Summary

More than $1.15M for animal service organizations

This was a year of significant expansion for Fetch philanthropy. We doubled our donations to no-kill shelters, we launched a new nonprofit partnership and we provided resources to organizations operating in disaster. Thank you to the team at Fetch, our partners and our online community for your hard work, commitment and support.

Partnering with Shelters Since 2018

Building upon our legacy of providing financial support to shelter partners across the US and Canada, Fetch contributed more than $768,00 this year ($2M+ since 2018) which ensured that thousands of animals and the organizations that care for them received resources to meet their basic needs, maintain their facilities and recruit the essential staff and volunteers who bring pets and pet parents together day after day. In the year ahead we expect to form a dozen more partnerships and provide financial resources and social support for adoptions and events. To learn more follow us on social @fetchbythedodo and check out our shelters page here.

Raising $378,000 for Project Street Vet to Serve Hundreds of Clients in 2023

There are 580,400 people experiencing homelessness in the United States and it is estimated that anywhere from 10 to as high as 25% of them are pet parents. That means over 58,000 cats and dogs have parents that love them more than anything – but lack the veterinary care that they need. 

In early 2022 Fetch launched a partnership with Project Street Vet, a nonprofit organization providing free veterinary care to people experiencing homelessness and/or housing vulnerability.  Project Street Vet is committed to protecting the human-animal bond that is so vital to the livelihood of not only the pets but also the owner. Leading with compassion, kindness and no judgements they support the pets and people that need it the most.

Donations enable Project Street Vet to recruit, train and resource volunteers who provide unique care based on client needs. From a basic exam, to vaccinations, flea and tick medications and more. Funding also makes it possible for PSV to help with follow up care and more costly treatments like life-saving surgeries and procedures.

At Fetch we see pets as family, and the commitment these individuals have to their companions is strong – often caring for them first before caring for themselves.

Through financial support and fundraising efforts, including the launch of an inaugural fundraising campaign called 101 Donations, Fetch raised $378,000 for Project Street Vet this year. The campaign itself, brought together more than 1500 gifts from individuals and corporate partners across the US and Canada. With these resources, Project Street Vet has already served 120+ pets in 2023 and launched the newest team in January serving Orlando, Florida.  Expect to see the next team in Northern California by mid year and the return of the 101 Donations campaign this Winter. 

Being There When It’s Needed Most

As a pet insurance company we provide coverage when the unexpected occurs. We know how important it is to be there during uncertain times and we value the work of animal service organizations responding to the changing needs of the community.

In 2022 Fetch donated to shelters hit by the hurricane season; lifted up the adoption needs of senior pets, long term shelter residents and rescued beagles; and provided financial support to organizations caring for animals rescued from puppy mills.

Our mission is to help pet parents give their pets a happier, healthier and longer life. 

Thank you to everyone who supported these efforts and we look forward to more good days together.

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