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why do dogs wag their tails

Why do dogs wag their tails?

Did you know a dog's tail wag can express emotions beyond happiness? Learn how this behavior can signal aggression and worry, too.

Introducing new cats to your cats at home

How to introduce a new cat to your cats at home

Learn tips to make their first interaction a little less stressful to help encourage a feline friendship.

A photo of a dog who is looking out a car window

How to safely travel with your dog

Can you think of a better travel companion than your dog? Here's how to safely travel with dogs.

French Bulldog is bathed in the a tub.

How to groom a dog during the summer

Does grooming your dog keep them cool during the summer? Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough explains if grooming can help your dog to cool down.

Puppy Labrador Retriever licking their snout

How to stop dogs from chewing things

Dogs can sometimes be destructive. Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough explains how you can help your pet feel better and keep them safe.

Two dogs sniffing each other's faces

How to socialize your dog

You always want your dog to feel comfortable. Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough explains the benefits of socializing your dog from a young age.

Three kittens look into the camera.

When do kittens’ eyes change color?

You may have noticed your kitten’s eyes changed colors. Don’t be alarmed. Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough explains this natural transformation.

Dogs running through a field.

How to prep for dog daycare

Dog daycares can benefit your pup (and you) in so many ways. Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough explains how to plan for this life change.

Grey cat glaring into the camera

Dog and cat body language: How to tell if my pet is mad at me

Learn how your dog or cat’s body language changes when they get angry, territorial, anxious or aggressive.

Two dogs sitting next to each other wearing sunglasses and hats

Should my dog wear sunglasses?

Dr. Aliya McCullough explains why sunglasses (aka doggles) may actually be a good option for your canine pal.

Brown cat sitting in a basket looking out the window.

Do cats sweat?

As summer approaches, you may be wondering, do cats sweat? The answer might surprise you

A photo of a brown poodle who is laying on a blanket

Here's why you shouldn't leave the TV on for your dog while gone

Before tuning in for a TV marathon with your dog, you’ll want to know how the television’s colors, sounds and content could affect your pup.

Dog sitting in a red stroller looking at the camera.

Should I use a stroller for my dog?

Using a dog stroller can help your pet travel easier, and can be a safe option for your tired pup.

Dog with treat in their mouth looks into the camera.

Safe barkuterie boards for dogs

We all like to get a little fancy sometimes. Learn how to put together a safe dog charcuterie board.

A photo of a brown and white colored Welsh Pembroke Corgi who is sitting in a black crate

How to crate train your puppy

Thinking about crate training your puppy? With a little practice and patience your pup will enjoy their safe space.

Basset Hound sitting on a couch looking into the camera in front of a yellow wall.

How to stop your dog from howling

Does your dog howl when you leave? If so, it could be a sign of separation anxiety.

A close-up of a cat's face highlighting their whiskers.

Why do cats have whiskers?

Pet parents may be surprised to learn how important a cat’s whiskers are. These delicate hairs help them to communicate and navigate the world.

A yorkie and a corgi run on a boardwalk.

Tips for taking perfect pet pictures

There's nothing more adorable than a great picture of your pet. Here are some tips from Fetch for getting those supermodel level selfies.

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