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A photo of a puppy who is chewing a pink bone in the grass

Tips for managing mouthiness in dogs

Want to curb your dog’s mouthy habits? Help them be on their best behavior.

A photo of a dog drinking out of a water bottle while being held

Here's when to keep a dog water bottle with you

Buying a dog water bottle ensures they’ll never be too thirsty. Here’s what to look for.

A photo of a puppy running through the grass wearing a pink harness

A beginners guide to puppy training

Training your pup is one of the first milestones of pet parenthood, and there are some ways to teach your dog — without working directly with a trainer.

Photo of a golden-brown dog running toward the camera.

Dog zoomies: what are they and why do they happen?

If your pup isn’t letting out enough energy during the day, chances are they’ll get a burst of the zoomies.

A photo of a black puppy with their mouth open laying in someone’s arms

How to stop a puppy from biting

If you’re looking to stop your puppy from biting, you’ve got the right mindset. Here’s how.

Photo of a sleeping orange cat’s face.

Why and when do cats purr

A cat’s purr can indicate much more than happiness. It's is an essential tool cats use to stay healthy.

A photo of a white and orange cat who is sitting on a colorful pillow

Why do cats knead?

Kneading, otherwise known as “making biscuits,” is a common habit of cats. Here’s what’s behind this quirky behavior.

A photo of a dog wearing a rainbow bandana

5 tips for keeping dogs safe at the New York City Pride March

New York City’s Pride March is on June 26, 2022. Here’s what to know before bringing your dog.

A photo of a brown cat who is looking into the camera and laying on a brown blanket

Cat behavior — why cats hiss, bite and attack

Cats hiss, bite and attack to express emotions beyond just aggression.

A photo of a brown and black striped cat who is looking into the camera

The most popular cat names of pets insured by Fetch

Congratulations on welcoming a new cat into your family. If you’re having trouble picking out the perfect name for your pet, we’ve got you covered.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart who is hugging a dog

How to build a strong bond with your pet

Cultivating a strong relationship with your pet is easier when your cat or dog trusts you.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart holding kittens

What they don’t tell you about becoming a veterinarian

If you’re interested in becoming a veterinarian or just want to learn more about this profession, we’ve got you covered.

A photo of a Chihuahua who is laying on a white blanket

Expert-backed tips for finding pet-friendly hotels

Learn what to look for in pet-friendly hotels and how to make sure your pet is ready for the stay.

A photo of a golden colored puppy who is laying on a white blanket

New puppy checklist — here's what to buy for your dog-to-be

Congratulations on welcoming a new dog into your family. This is the start of a great life together, and we want to help make it as smooth as possible.

A photo of a black cat who is sitting on a green chair

Understanding your cat’s body language

From acting playful to signaling pain, knowing how to read your cat’s body language will help attend to their needs.

A dog eats a large treat

Easy recipes for making dog treats at home

Making dog treats at home is surprisingly simple. Use these easy dog treat recipes to surprise your favorite pup.

A photo of a brown colored dog who is sticking their nose out of a window

How to stop your dog from barking – if you should at all

Barking may not be the most pleasant sound, but there’s usually a reason behind your dog's vocalizations.

A photo of a brown colored Labrador Retriever puppy who is sitting in a field of grass

How to potty train a puppy

Learn our step-by-step guide for preventing accidents and setting your puppy up for potty-training success.

A photo of a brown and black colored German Shepherd who is sitting in a field looking up at a person

Dog obedience training: cost, commands and techniques

There are a few basic obedience commands you should master, and many you can do at home.

A photo of a brown Labrador Retriever who is looking into the camera and licking their snout

Why is my dog licking me?

Here’s what the kisses mean and what to do if they become too much.

A photo of a brown dog who is laying underneath the bed covers

Why are dogs scared of thunder?

From thunder to fireworks to traffic, here’s how to help your pup cope with their noise phobias.

A photo of a brown and white beagle looking out a window

Separation anxiety in dogs

Helping your pet overcome the stress they feel when you’re not around is no easy task. Here’s how to get them to calm down.

A photo of a brown and white cat with green eyes lays on their back with their paws in the air

Anxiety in cats

Cats show signs of anxiety different from other animals. Knowing the symptoms and potential triggers can help you make sure they're comfortable.

A gray, brown and white Husky puppy sits in a field of tall grass in The Dig’s article about why dogs eat grass

Why do dogs eat grass?

Is it safe for dogs to eat grass? Learn more about this normal behavior and why it’s not necessarily a cause for concern.

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