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An orange cat stares into the camera while sitting on hardwood floors

Food safety: Is yogurt safe for pets?

Can dogs eat yogurt? How about cats? Fetch's on-staff vet, Dr. Aliya McCullough, explains if this tasty snack is okay for our pets to eat.

A German Shepherd laying in the grass in front of a fence.

A pet parent's guide to dislocated hips

Fetch's on-staff vet Dr. Aliya McCullough covers everything you need to know about dislocated hips in pets, from symptoms to treatment options.

Gray French Bulldog with eyes closed in a field of flowers

How to prepare your pet for allergy season

Learn how to identify, prevent and treat your pet’s seasonal allergies.

Bulldog with open mouth with his tongue sticking out and showing his teeth.

Toothbrushing for dogs and cats: 10 easy tips (we promise!)

Teeth cleaning is an essential part of your pet's overall health. Learn how to brush your dog or cat's teeth with these tips.

Cute beagle jumping through tall grass with his ear flapping

Flea & tick prevention 101: how to protect your pet

Giving your pet regular flea and tick preventive medication is a key part of their routine care. Learn about why fleas and ticks are so dangerous to pets, what to do if your pet is bitten, treatment and more.

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