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A photo of a brown and white dog who is laying on their side on blue painted floor

Giardia in dogs: what it is and how to treat it

This pesky infection isn’t a simple one to treat — here’s how to get rid of giardia and help your pup feel better.

A photo of brown and white beagle who is laying on their back on a blue comforter on a bed

Can I give my dog Imodium?

To ensure your dog’s safety, there’s plenty you need to know before giving your pet Imodium.

A photo of an older blonde Golden Retriever who is laying on their stomach on the ground

Dog eye infections: symptoms and treatments

Learn the many ways dogs can contract eye infections and how to relieve their discomfort.

A photo of a brown dog who is sitting in front of a patch of grass

Why is my dog's nose dry?

This expert guide explains what it means when your dog's nose is dry and when you should seek treatment.

A photo of a brown Chihuahua who is sitting in a bed underneath a white comforter

Dog ear infections: symptoms and treatments

Your dog’s sweet, fluffy ears need relief, and we’re here to help. We’ll walk you through different types of ear infections and how to stop the itch.

A photo of a gray French Bulldog that is sitting in a park with leaves surrounding them

Ear hematomas in dogs: symptoms and treatments

Your dog’s excessive scratching and head shaking are likely the cause of aural hematomas. Find the source of the issue.

A photo of a brown and white dog who is standing in the back of a car

Can I give my dog Dramamine?

If your pup struggles with motion sickness, ask your vet about Dramamine — and, in the meantime, here’s what you need to know.

A photo of a fawn pug who is laying on their stomach on the floor

Are Tums safe for dogs?

Before sharing Tums with your pet, read on. This common antacid isn’t safe for dogs.

A photo of a brown and white colored beagle who is looking up

Can I give my dog aspirin?

Aspirin isn’t a safe medicine for pets, but you can read on for dog-friendly alternatives worth asking your vet about.

A photo of a black dog who has a doughnut in their mouth

Can dogs eat chicken bones?

Never feed your dog chicken bones — they’re very serious choking hazards and can get stuck in your pet’s GI tract, too.

A photo of a black and white dog who is panting and looking into the distance

Vestibular disease in dogs: symptoms and treatments

Vestibular disease is a common cause of dizziness in older dogs. If your pup is experiencing the spins, there are some ways you can help.

A photo of a brown dog who is licking their snout

Are fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids good or bad for dogs?

Fish oil is packed with benefits from omega-3 fatty acids. Here’s how to safely serve your pup this supplement.

A photo of a white and orange cat who is yawning in bed

Cat teeth cleaning and extraction costs

Bringing your cat in for a dental exam can be costly, but Fetch pet insurance can help by reimbursing you for certain procedures.

A photo of a brown cat with green eyes staring out of a window at night

Are cats nocturnal or crepuscular?

Does your cat become restless at dawn and dusk? It’s actually in your pet’s nature to pep up during these hours.

A photo of a beagle sleeping on a pillow

Can dogs get colds?

A runny nose, lack of appetite and lethargy are telltale signs that your pup is feeling under the weather — here’s how to help them recover from a cold.

A photo of a white cat sleeping underneath bed covers

Can cats get colds?

Colds, also known as respiratory infections, are common in cats. If your cat is congested, lethargic or has a runny nose, here are some ways to help them feel better.

A photo of a yellow, golden dog looks at something with their mouth open

How to help a choking dog and perform the Heimlich maneuver

If your pet starts choking, you'll want to act fast. Here are some tips on preparing for an emergency.

A photo of a dog with long hair around their head

What causes hair loss in dogs?

Is your dog shedding a lot more than usual? We'll walk you through four possible reasons for your dog’s hair loss.

A photo of a French Bulldog sitting on the exam table at a vet visit

How much does a vet visit cost?

Vet visit costs can be unpredictable, but having comprehensive pet insurance already in place can help you say “yes” to the recommended care your pet needs.

A photo of a golden retriever being hugged by a person wearing a red shirt

How much do dog MRIs cost?

Find out how much dog MRIs cost with and without pet insurance. Avoid unexpected vet bills with pet insurance.

A photo of a brown dog laying on their stomach with their hips extended

Hip dysplasia in dogs: what it is and how to treat it

Difficulty standing or limping are two symptoms of hip dysplasia in dogs. Read on to learn more about the condition and treatment options.

A black and white dog sits on concrete in front of an airplane in The Dig’s article how to fly with a dog or cat

How to fly with a dog

Do you want to bring your dog on your next flight? Here are some tips to make your pup feel comfortable while flying.

A photo of a brown and white Australian Shepherd sits in their crate with the door open

Kennel cough in dogs

Kennel cough in dogs is common but easily spreadable. Learn more about this condition and the treatment options to help your dog feel better.

A photo of a black Labrador Retriever licking their snout while standing on a hiking trail

Probiotics for dogs: How do they work?

Probiotics have several benefits for dogs, including boosting their gut health. Read on to learn when to consider probiotic supplements for your pup.

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