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A cat laying on a bed around toys with a string on their head

Your cat’s toy box isn’t complete without these toys

Making sure your cat isn’t bored will prevent health issues. These toys will help set you up for success.

A photo of a dog who is wearing a blue harness and running with a tennis ball in their mouth

Considering a dog harness? Bring our guide to the store with you

Are you heading to the pet store to pick out your dog’s first harness? You’ll want to make sure it meets all of your pup’s individual needs.

A photo of a white dog who is panting

Do dogs get tired of barking?

It’s normal for dogs to express themselves through barking. But if their vocalizations are excessive, you’ve likely asked yourself: Do dogs get tired of barking?

 A photo of a brown dog sitting on a hiking trail

Read these safety tips before hiking with your dog

Heading for a hike with your pup? There are a number of things you can do to prepare for and avoid any potential safety hazards.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart who is holding a pet

Is your vet Fear Free certified? Here’s why it’s important

Fear Free seeks to limit the stress associated with visiting the vet’s office. But its benefits stem beyond the four walls of the animal hospital.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart operating in an emergency room

A day in the life of an emergency room veterinarian

Animal emergency hospitals differ from your usual vet’s office. This is what it’s like to spend the day at a pet emergency room.

A photo of Dr Kwane Stewart who is holding a dog

Tips for keeping pets safe on movie and television sets

Here’s a behind-the-scenes explainer of what it’s like to be an animal actor.

A photo of a brown colored dog who is panting in the grass

What’s normal when it comes to dog panting?

Did you know that your dog's panting could be caused by reasons outside of fatigue?

A photo of a dog who is running through the grass

Why do dogs chase their tails?

Dogs wag their tails to communicate many different emotions — sometimes it’s fun and games, but it could mean a visit to the vet.

A photo of an orange cat who is licking their foot

Everything you need to know about cat hairballs

You might be familiar with cleaning your cat's hairball off the carpet. But do you know the cause of hairballs?

Photo of a small dog standing behind a fence.

Why negative reinforcement training is bad for dogs

Punishment training can lead to unnecessary stress for both dogs and their parents. For the most effective and fun way to train your pet, use positive reinforcement!

A black cat reaching for a human's hand

How to trim a cat’s nails — yes, we're talking to you

Trimming a cat’s nails isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is necessary if you want to keep your cat healthy and happy.

A dog digging in the sand

Tips for stopping your dog's digging obsession

Here’s how to know if your dog is digging too much.

A photo of a white poodle looking up at the camera

Why is my dog staring at me?

At one point or another, most dog parents have wondered: Why does my dog stare at me? Direct eye contact from your pup can be a sign of affection, but dogs don’t use staring as a sign of trust outside bonded relationships.

A photo of a corgi sleeping

Do dogs dream?

Ever wondered what actually happens when our pups close their eyes for the night? Is it possible for dogs to have dreams while they sleep?

A small dog in the bath looking concerned

Here's how often you should consider bathing your dog

Sure, dogs clean themselves — but at what point should you step in a bathe them, too?

A photo of a cat with green eyes who is laying on a gray colored bed

Tips for keeping your cat entertained at home

These enrichment techniques will ensure your cat is mentally and physically stimulated.

A photo of Dr Evan Antin sitting on a white couch with a dog and a cat

How to ensure your dog plays well with others while visiting friends and family

Avoid negative altercations when introducing your dog to new people and places with these tips.

A cat laying down outside at dusk

Can dogs see in the dark?

If you’ve ever wondered if dogs can see in the dark, the answer is yes. But they see differently than humans and cats.

A puppy looking up

The ultimate guide to puppy parenthood

Congratulations on welcoming a puppy into your life. This is an opportunity to encourage your best friend to have great behavior.

An orange cat looking over a sofa

How to prepare pets for a move

Dogs and cats don’t always like change. Here are some ways to prevent stress during your next big move.

A photo of a dog who has their tongue out while laying on their back

With these tips, your dog will always be entertained at home

Did you know that dogs can experience boredom similar to humans? A trainer explains how to keep your dog entertained while you’re home and away.

A photo of a cat who is sitting on a rock at dusk

Can cats see in the dark?

Does your cat cause a commotion at night? It turns out their night vision makes them agile in the dark.

Picture of a small brown dog looking at the camera

Dog tear stains: causes and how to get rid of them

Those brown or reddish spots under your pup’s eyes are usually only cosmetic, but you may still want to talk to your vet.

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