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Photo of the back of a man and his golden retriever dog looking at a pier

Can your tone of voice affect your dog’s training?

Dogs know more than you may realize, and the tone of voice you use to train your dog can affect if they take you seriously.

Photo of a small brown dog laying on a couch

How to spot muscular hypertonicity in dogs

This uncommon condition can cause your pet to become stiff or collapse after exercise. Here’s how to know if your dog has muscular hypertonicity.

Photo of a small brown dog on a leash

Here's how honey can help dogs with allergies and more

Eating local honey can be a good way for your pet to build up an immunity to seasonal allergies.

A photo of a small white dog licking his lips

This is why dogs eat poop and how to stop them

You’ve probably caught your dog eating poop — whether their own or someone else’s. Here’s how to stop this common habit.

Photo of an orange and white cat lying on the floor

How to detect and treat scoliosis in cats

In most cases, scoliosis in cats is congenital, meaning they’re born with it. If you suspect your cat may have an abnormally shaped spine, here’s what you need to know.

A photo of a pug sitting on a chair

Here’s what to do when your dog has a fever

If you think your dog may have a fever, it’s important to help them cool down. Here’s what you can do to cool them down and when to contact your vet.

A photo of a dog who is sitting in a field

Tips for keeping your dog safe when coexisting with coyotes

Coyotes can adapt and thrive in most environments (including urban areas). So it’s essential to know how to protect your pup against coyote attacks.

Photo of a dog laying on a dog bed

How to know if your dog has pneumonia

Dogs can get common illnesses like colds and pneumonia just like humans, but don’t worry. You can’t give your dog pneumonia, and they can’t give it to you.

Illustrations of ice cream cones on a pink background

Can dogs eat ice cream?

If you want to serve your dog ice cream, it’s essential to read the ingredients and avoid certain flavors.

Photo of a small dog sitting in the sun with his tongue out.

How to spot and prevent heatstroke in dogs

To guarantee a safe and fun summer with your pup, it’s important to know how to spot the symptoms of heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

A photo of a black dog and a white dog who are walking together

The truth about ascites in dogs

Ascites, which is a particular kind of bloat in dogs, is a symptom of several underlying conditions. Here’s how to help your pup.

Photo of an older chocolate lab with his tongue out.

Lockjaw in dogs and cats: what is trismus?

Some injuries in pets can cause tetanus, which can lead to trismus. Here’s how to spot the symptoms of lockjaw in dogs and cats.

Illustration of a ham.

Can dogs eat ham?

Ham isn’t the best snack for your dog. Even a small amount of ham could cause gas and other abdominal discomfort.

Photo of a long-haired gray cat looking out the window.

Hypoglycemia in cats and what it means for blood sugar levels

Lower energy levels could be a sign that your cat may be experiencing low blood sugar.

Illustration of a honeybear.

Can dogs eat honey?

Honey is packed full of sugar, so consumption should be limited, but it’s also a good source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Photo of a multi-colored French Bulldog with their tongue out.

How to detect and treat scoliosis in dogs

Dogs with scoliosis may suffer from back pain. Luckily, this condition is rare, and most dogs with scoliosis don’t need a treatment plan.

Illustration of a chocolate bar.

Can dogs eat chocolate?

Chocolate is one of the foods most infamously off-limit for dogs for a reason.

Photo of a multi-colored cat laying on his side.

Diarrhea in cats: treatment and when to see a vet

Here's what you can give cats for diarrhea. If your cat's condition worsens, see a veterinarian for treatment and guidance on what to feed your cat.

Illustration of a pile of cranberries.

Can dogs eat cranberries?

While cranberries aren’t toxic for your dog, it’s important not to give them too many. Here’s what you need to know about feeding cranberries to your dog.

Illustration of an open tuna can.

Can dogs eat tuna?

Tuna fish is generally safe to feed your dog, but some types may be less safe than others. Here’s what you need to know about feeding tuna to your dog.

Illustration of two pumpkins.

Can dogs eat pumpkin?

As long as you’re not filling their water bowl with pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkins are a safe (and healthy) treat for dogs.

Illustration of a head of garlic.

Can dogs eat garlic?

Like onions, as part of the allium family of vegetables, garlic is toxic for our furry friends.

A photo of a black dog who is sitting on a forest trail

How to find a lost pet or report one found

No one wants to consider the reality of losing a pet — but, it’s important to be prepared in the case it happens.

A photo of a black and white colored dog who is laying down with their paws above their head

Understanding your dog’s body language

Even though dogs can’t use their words to express themselves, their body language is a good indicator of what they’re feeling.

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