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A photo of a dog who is sitting next to a plush toy

Amoxicillin could be part of your dog’s infection treatment plan

Amoxicillin is commonly used to treat bacterial infections in dogs. However, there are some things you should know before administering it to your pup.

A photo of a brown dog who is laying on a bed

If your dog has anxiety, ask your veterinarian about acepromazine

Acepromazine comes in pill or injection forms and is administered before surgery or prescribed to help dogs with anxiety and motion sickness.

A photo of a brown dog who is laying down on a chair

8 common parasites that affect dogs

A deeper dive into 8 gastrointestinal and skin parasites that cause uncomfortable symptoms for dogs and what to do about them.

A photo of a brown and white colored dog who is standing in the grass

Dogs can develop dementia, but there are ways to stall it

Dementia is a neurological disorder that commonly affects older dogs — here’s how to help your newly-diagnosed pet feel as comfortable as possible.

A photo of a black cat who is laying on a table

7 common causes of cat ear infections and how to prevent them

Cat ear infections can cause a lot of itching, which might even lead to cuts around their ears.

A dog who is sitting in the sunlight on the ground

Heartgard Plus helps to eliminate heartworms in dogs

Heartgard Plus is a popular medication for protecting dogs against parasites.

A photo of a Chihuahua who is at a vet appointment

How often should I take my dog to the vet?

Dogs should visit the vet’s office at least once a year (and more often for puppies and seniors). Missing these appointments puts your pup’s health at risk.

A photo of a dog who is laying on the ground and chewing on a bone

Is sucralfate antacid safe for dogs?

Some vets believe sucralfate antacid can help dogs with stomach issues. Always check with your vet before giving your pet medication.

A photo of a German Shepherd who is panting outside

Panacur: what is it and how can it help your dog?

Panacur is a deworming medication that can help get rid of parasites in dogs. Learn more about dosage and how to treat parasites.

A photo of a dog who is laying in the grass next to a ball

A guide to dogs and scabies skin infections

If your dog can’t stop itching, they may be dealing with scabies.

A photo of a cat who is sitting by a window and looking at a flower vase

These are the 4 main causes of kidney disease in cats

Kidney disease happens in four stages and each period can cause different symptoms.

A photo of a pitbull who is standing on a green bench

Colitis could be causing your dog to go to the bathroom more

Dogs with colitis go to the bathroom more frequently and often have diarrhea, but thankfully, it’s curable.

A photo of a dog who is laying on the ground

4 stages of congestive heart failure in dogs explained

Congestive heart failure (CHF) isn’t curable but there are ways to manage this condition in dogs.

A photo of a dog who is sitting on a couch

How to know if your dog's tumor is cancerous

If you’ve found a lump on your dog, it’s not necessarily a reason to panic. Some growths on dogs can't spread and aren't painful.

A photo of a brown and white dog who is laying on a blue blanket

What's HGE in dogs?

HGE in dogs can cause serious symptoms like bloody diarrhea and vomiting, but there’s still minimal information on this health condition.

A photo of two brown dogs who are sitting in the grass

Can joint supplements help my achy dog?

Achy joints aren’t something that just affects humans. Your sore pup can benefit from joint supplements, too.

A photo of a brown puppy who is sniffing the grass

Should I give my dog Clavamox?

If your dog was recently diagnosed with a bacterial infection, Clavamox might be your vet’s recommended treatment option.

A photo of a brown dog who is standing on a rock with their mouth open

Why is my dog sneezing a lot?

There are lots of reasons your dog could be sneezing — but some are more serious than others.

A photo of a brown dog who is laying on the ground

Why are my dog’s eyes swollen?

When your dog's eyes are swollen, here's how to provide relief.

A photo of a dog who is chasing a person through a park

If you have a young dog, you should know about coccidia

Coccidia causes a gastrointestinal infection in dogs — some dogs have more severe symptoms than others.

A photo of a cat who is sitting in a bathtub

Stomatitis could be why your normally hungry cat isn’t eating

This inflammatory dental disease can cause a lot of pain in your cat’s mouth, but can easily be confused with other illnesses.

A photo of a brown cat who is looking into the camera

How to tell if blood in your cat’s stool is cause for concern

If you spot blood in your cat’s stool, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an emergency.

A photo of a black dog who is laying on a dog bed

A guide to dog dermatitis: causes, symptoms and treatments

Here's what you need to know about dog dermatitis and treating your pet's skin irritation.

A photo of a Shiba Inu who is looking up

Trifexis could be the key to keeping parasites away from your dog

Trifexis is an oral preventive medication that does a world of good for dogs.

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