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A photo of a black and white colored dog who is sitting on a bench

How does Proin help dogs?

Proin, a vet-prescribed medication, helps dogs’ control their leaky bladders. You'll want to talk to your vet about the medication's potential side effects before giving it to your pup.

A photo of a dog who is running on a concrete path

Does your dog have high blood pressure? Enalapril might help them

If your pup has high blood pressure, heart disease or kidney disease, their veterinarian might’ve prescribed them enalapril. But you'll want to watch out for these side effects.

A photo of a dog who is standing outside and panting

Does my dog have short spine syndrome?

Dogs with short spine syndrome might find it more challenging to move around. But there are some ways pet parents can help them feel comfortable and confident.

A photo of a cat who is sitting on the side of a couch

Here are all the ways prednisolone helps cats

Prednisolone, a steroid, has several different uses. It’s used as an anti-inflammatory solution and is a chemotherapy agent. But that’s not all the ways it benefits cats.

A photo of a white fluffy dog who is sitting down

How does hemangiosarcoma affect dogs?

Hemangiosarcoma is an aggressive cancer, but it doesn’t always cause immediate symptoms. However, there’s a vet-recommended test to figure out if it’s present.

A photo of a black cat sitting near a potted plant

Understanding the 5 stages of lymphoma in cats

Lymphoma is a cancer that affects cats’ lymphocytes. Learn how veterinarians decide on a treatment option.

A black and white photo of a dogs eyes

The 7 causes of cloudy eyes in dogs

A dog's eyes are cloudy when the surface looks hazy. Learn more about the underlying causes of the condition to figure out the right treatment plan for your pet.

A photo of a white fluffy dog who is walking through the grass

If your dog has seizures, ask your vet about phenobarbital

Phenobarbital is an anticonvulsant medication that helps treat seizures in dogs. However, not all dogs have the same outcome when using it as a treatment.

A photo of a corgi who is laying on a porch

11 common causes of blood in dog throw up

Blood appears in dogs’ vomit differently — it could be clumpy, spotty or entirely red. Here’s what you should look out for.

A photo of a cat who is sniffing a mug

Are cats lactose intolerant?

You might be familiar with cats lapping up a bowl of warm milk. But is it actually safe for them? Find what happens when you give a cat milk.

A photo of a dog who is being held by a person

Does your dog have an infection? They might be prescribed Baytril

Baytril is an antibiotic prescribed to treat infections in dogs. But it's super strong, so there are some caveats to know about before giving it to a dog.

A photo of a brown cat who is sitting in a brown basket

4 causes of blood in cat urine and how to help

Healthy cats’ pee looks yellow and clear. However, several underlying conditions can cause blood to appear in their urine. Here are other symptoms to look out for.

A photo of a Dalmatian who is standing outside

6 reasons your dog might be vomiting up white foam

Your dog's white foamy throw up, which is a mix of mucus and fluid, is often accompanied by other sickness symptoms — here's what to look for.

A photo of a dog who is walking on a cement path

Reasons why dogs limp and when to see the vet

If your dog is limping, that’s a sign that they’re in pain. But it’s important not to wait too long to see your veterinarian.

A photo of a brown dog who is sitting in the grass

If your dog has osteoarthritis, ask your veterinarian about Previcox

Previcox is usually prescribed to dogs with arthritis to help with the accompanying pain and inflammation. However, it shouldn’t be given when your pup is taking certain medications.

Illustrations of ham on a beige background

Can cats eat ham?

Ham isn’t the best treat for cats because of certain ingredients, but there are some healthier human-food alternatives they can chow down on.

A photo of a mixed breed dog who is looking up

3 reasons your dog might benefit from Metacam

Metacam is a medication that helps reduce pain, inflammation and osteoarthritis effects. But there are some caveats you should know about before giving it to your pup.

A photo of a dog who is standing in the grass

Enrofloxacin might be the solution to your dog’s infection

Enrofloxacin is an antibiotic prescribed to treat several bacterial infections in dogs. If your pup’s picky about how they take their medication, enrofloxacin comes in various formulas.

A photo of an English Bulldog who is holding a frisbee in their mouth

The DHPP vaccine protects your dog against these 5 diseases

The DHPP vaccine, otherwise known as the distemper vaccine, helps protect pets against several spreadable illnesses. Find out how it can prevent your dog from getting sick.

A photo of a dog who is licking their mouth over their food bowl

Famotidine helps reduce stomach acid in dogs

From dosage to side effects, here’s what our on-staff veterinarian wants you to know if your veterinarian recommends this tummy-soothing medication.

A photo of a fluffy haired dog who is laying on a brown blanket

8 common dog skin conditions

Skin conditions in dogs are common, but you’ll need a veterinarian to make a diagnosis. Here’s your guide on recognizing the signs of the most common types.

A photo of a brown dog who is sitting outside

If your dog has osteoarthritis, ask your vet about Deramaxx

Deramaxx is a medication that helps pups with pain and inflammation feel better.

A photo of two dogs laying in blankets together

Checking your dog for ticks can protect them from anaplasmosis

Anaplasmosis is an infection that’s passed from a tick’s bacteria to your pup. But there are some ways to prevent it from affecting dogs.

A photo of a cat who is laying on a red blanket

8 reasons a veterinarian might prescribe Cerenia for your cat

Cerenia can help cats with numerous ailments, like nausea, vomiting, inflammation and much more.


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