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bloat in dogs

Bloat in dogs: causes, symptoms and prevention

Bloat is a serious condition in dogs and requires immediate veterinary attention.

White cat sitting on a bed looking in to the camera

Common cat eye infections

If your cat’s rubbing their face more than usual or has eye discharge, they could have an eye infection

Can you give a dog Benadryl

Can you give a dog Benadryl?

If your dog is constantly itching, Benadryl’s drowsy effects could help distract them from scratching. Dr. Aliya McCullough, vet and pet health advocate, explains how to know if Benadryl is safe for your dog.

Can you give cats Benadryl

Can cats have Benadryl?

When given the correct vet prescribed dosage, benadryl is safe for cats and can help with itching when they’re having an allergic reaction.

Can you give a dog tylenol, benadryl or ibuprofen

Can you give dogs ibuprofen?

Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough explains why ibuprofen isn't safe for dogs and what to do if your dog accidentally gets into this medication.

Can you give a dog tylenol, benadryl or ibuprofen

Can you give a dog Tylenol?

Why this over-the-counter medication should be kept away from pups.

How much Benadryl is safe for dogs

How much Benadryl is safe for dogs?

Benadryl can help dogs suffering from an allergic reaction stop itching, but be sure to ask your vet about dosage.

Black French Bulldog stands over their food bowl.

Wet versus dry dog food

Are you choosing a new type of dog food? Dr. Aliya McCullough, veterinarian and pet health advocate, shares the benefits of wet and dry dog foods with Fetch.

A photo of two dogs running on the beach

Can dogs swim?

Do you want to take your dog swimming for the first time? Don’t just throw them in — follow our guide to help your best friend feel comfortable and safe.

Golden retriever walking on the pavement at sunset.

When the pavement is too hot for dogs’ paws

Learn how to protect your dog's paws and be able tell when the ground is too hot for your pup.

A kitten looking into the camera and meowing.

Why do cats meow so much?

Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough explains how you can communicate with your cat by decoding their meows.

Looking up at a dog with their mouth open

Why do adult dogs’ teeth fall out?

Has your adult dog lost a tooth? Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough explains why this has happened and how to practice good oral hygiene.

Dog sneezing with a bubble near its face

Reverse sneezing in dogs

Learn what a reverse sneeze is and if it's a concern for your pup.

A golden retriever puppy running towards the camera

Importance of a pet emergency preparedness plan

Dr. Aliya McCullough is sharing all the ways to be prepared for surprise health issues that may arise.

A white dog sitting in the grass.

Can dogs eat Cicadas?

Find out what veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough has to say about dogs eating cicadas, plus the steps you should take if they decide to snack.

Grey and white dog wearing a green bandana and standing in the grass.

Lyme disease and dogs

If you’re wondering, can dogs get Lyme disease? The answer is yes. Ticks may be small in size, but their bites can greatly impact our pet’s health.

Black labrador retriever wearing a red collar in a backyard of grass.

What is hyperkeratosis in dogs?

Is your pet suffering from dry skin on their nose and paws? Learn how to help soothe your pet’s skin.

A photo of a brown colored dog who is sitting in the snow

Tips for treating frostbite on dogs' paws

Just because pets have fur, doesn’t make them fully protected from developing frostbite.

These indicators can help you better understand your pet's health.

What are normal vital signs for a dog?

Knowing your dogs’ normal body temperature and heart and respiratory rates can help you understand what’s typical, and what’s not, when it comes to their health.

An orange cat licking itself and rubbing their face with their paw.

5 reasons for excessive cat grooming

Is your cat grooming more than normal? It may be more than just TLC.

A husky laying in front of a grill.

Can charcoal ashes make my dog sick?

Did your dog eat charcoal ashes? Veterinarian and pet health advocate Dr. Aliya McCullough explains how charcoal ashes from our grills can affect dogs.

A brown cat laying on the bed and cuddling with their pet parent.

Swollen lymph nodes in cats

Cat’s lymph nodes become swollen and inflamed as a sign of an illness, just like they do for humans. Here's how to tell if your cat has swollen lymph nodes.

A black pug looking up at their pet parent and wearing an e-collar.

5 tips for helping your dog get used to an e-collar — aka a cone

We understand it's not the easiest transition, but cones don’t have to be uncomfortable.

They’re common medications for pets.

The side effects of dog antibiotics and steroids

Antibiotics and steroids can help our dogs feel better, but sometimes, that's not without uncomfortable and annoying symptoms.

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