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What is generally covered by pet insurance?

Pet insurance can help cover the cost of veterinary bills when your pet gets sick or hurt. With Fetch, accident and illness coverage comes as a package deal in one comprehensive plan. The “accident” part of accident and illness pet insurance covers your pet when they get hurt. Fetch covers unexpected accidents and treatment your vet recommends as your pet recovers, including X-rays, surgery, specialty care and more.

The “illness” part of accident and illness pet insurance provides coverage for unexpected sickness. This could mean illnesses like common gastrointestinal issues and gum disease or more critical conditions like cancer and diabetes. With Fetch, the vet bill for prescribed medications and sick-visit treatments is eligible for reimbursement as part of illness coverage.

Fetch also offers an optional add-on for routine and preventive care.

Fetch pays back up to 90% of unexpected vet bills

The most comprehensive pet insurance

$1000 in online vet visits - included

No enrollment fee

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