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Where can I find Fetch by The Dodo medical and claims forms?

Now it’s easier and faster than ever to submit a claim. To find claims forms from your browser, head to our member portal, or if you’re on your phone, you can use our app. First, go to the Claims section and tap or click Submit a claim. If you have the file on your computer already, simply follow the prompts to upload your file and you’re good to go. Or, if you’re on your phone and you have the document in front of you, open our app, tap the Claims section, then Submit a claim. Now, click Upload invoice or Upload medical record. (If you’re on your phone, you must tap Allow to let us access your phone’s camera). Then, tap Scan a document. After making sure the document is centered and in focus, take a photo of it and submit it. Remember, you can only take a photo of your documents in our app; this feature is not available in your browser.

Important: You still have to give the app permission to access your camera even if you already have the file on your phone. Then after granting access, you can use the Upload file feature.


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