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Is Petplan now Fetch by The Dodo?

Yes! Petplan has partnered with The Dodo, the world’s #1 animal brand, to become Fetch by The Dodo.

We still offer the most comprehensive coverage, covering more conditions and procedures than any other pet insurance brand, including injuries and illnesses, breed-specific conditions, behavioral therapy, sick-visit exams, complete dental that covers every tooth (not just the canines) and more.

Plus, new benefits have been added. The Fetch app is now better than ever. Take pictures of multiple-page claims documents in one easy step and use our upgraded document scanner to scan multiple pages of invoices and medical records, then upload them all in one file to submit. You can also see a full history of your claims, including all the details of your current and closed claims along with a detailed breakdown of your payout for all approved ones. You can even sign up for direct deposit and get paid 5-10 days faster!

Our new name and app are just the beginning. Look out for Fetch Forward™ insights — our ground-breaking, patent-pending technology that uses 150 million data points from 15 years of clinical health findings to provide our pet parents with tailored insights and topical recommendations to improve the health and happiness of their pets.

And speaking of your pet’s health and happiness, our expert-back editorial, The Dig, is just a click away with access to a community of vets and like-minded pet-lovers who share tips and tricks to help you properly love and care for your pet.

Fetch by The Dodo is not just the most comprehensive coverage available, but all the tools and resources you need to help your pet live a happier, healthier, longer life.


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