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Pet Insurance 101

How is the cost of pet insurance calculated?

A breakdown of the monthly payments.

Becoming a pet parent is not only an investment of your love but also a financial one. The cost of vet bills can quickly add up, but you do it all for your pet because you love them.

Fetch Pet Insurance eases your financial burden by covering up to 90% of your pet's vet bills. With our help, you can have more good days with your pet and ensure they always get the best care. For any pet insurance newbies, here's a breakdown of the cost.

Who benefits from pet insurance the most?

Whenever your pet experiences health surprises or accidents, pet insurance gives you the freedom to get your pet the best care possible. And Fetch Pet Insurance is the most comprehensive, too. Here are all of the ways we cover pets: 

  • Veterinary exam fees
  • Emergency vet visits
  • Specialist vet visits
  • Comprehensive dental
  • Breed-specific conditions
  • Complete sick visit
  • Injuries and illnesses
  • Virtual vet visits
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Imaging and ultrasounds (like MRIs)
  • Holistic and chiropractic care
  • Behavioral therapy 
  • Cancer treatment
  • Surgery and rehabilitation

How does pet insurance work? 

Once you sign up for pet insurance, there’s a brief waiting period (15 days for accidents and illnesses) before you can start filing claims. After the waiting period, you’re free to begin submitting claims. Here’s how it works: 

Step one: Visit any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada.

Step two: Submit a claim on our app or website by taking a photo of your vet documents. Fetch will handle the rest. 

Step three: Get paid back! If you’re using direct deposit, you can receive up to 90% of your vet bills back in just 2 days. 

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What’s the average cost of pet insurance? 

At Fetch, we believe in “your pet, your price” and let you customize your pet’s monthly pet insurance plan. Using the same data points that power our patent-pending tool, Fetch Forward™, we determine the most accurate pricing based on your dog and cat’s breed, age and your location. Here are some other ways you can customize your monthly payment:

Maximum annual payout

This number is the maximum dollar amount you can be paid back per policy year. The higher your max annual payout, the more you'll pay per month.


You're responsible for paying this fixed dollar amount before your insurance kicks in. Higher deductible plans have lower monthly premiums.


Or, the percentage of each covered vet bill you’ll be paid back before you meet your deductible. The higher your reimbursement rate, the more you’ll pay per month.

How much does dog insurance cost? 

On average, Fetch dog insurance plans cost around $35 per month. Are you signing a puppy up for pet insurance? The monthly cost may be even lower. 

How much does cat insurance cost? 

Fetch cat insurance plans are slightly lower than dogs at around $25 per month (and can be lower for kittens). 

Pet insurance quotes

Now that you know how the cost of Fetch Pet Insurance is calculated, it’s time to start a free quote. Input your pet's information, make your customizations and see how much it'd cost to start protecting your pet.

Policies become effective at 12:01 a.m. the day after activation. Waiting periods apply. Pre-existing conditions, including those where clinical signs are present prior to the effective date of the policy or during the waiting period, are excluded from coverage.

Average monthly premiums are based on U.S. annual premiums, using a 12-month average, for the period of 01/01/2020 through 12/31/2020 and all available limit combinations.

Most comprehensive according to Consumer’s Advocate as of February 2022, based on a comparison of injury and illness coverage between Fetch and North American pet insurance providers. Consumer Advocate is a Fetch Partner. Best pet insurance according to Consumer Voice February 2022. Consumer Voice is a Fetch Partner.

The Dodo is the #1 animal brand globally on social media according to Tubular as of January 2021. The arrangement between Fetch and The Dodo includes an equity stake, as well as brand licensing and marketing services through which The Dodo, and its affiliate, may be compensated to promote Fetch offerings.

Fetch insurance policies are administered by Fetch Insurance Services, LLC (d/b/a Fetch by The Dodo Fetch by The Dodo, LLC in Michigan & New Mexico, and Fetch by The Dodo Insurance Services, LLC in California) and underwritten by XL Specialty Insurance Company, a Delaware Corporation or AXIS Insurance Company, an Illinois Corporation, in the U.S. and XL Specialty Insurance Company - Canadian Branch or AXIS Reinsurance Company (Canadian Branch) in Canada. ©️2022 Fetch, Inc. Information accurate as of February 2022.

This product information is for descriptive purposes only and does not provide a complete summary of coverage. Consult the applicable insurance policy for specific terms, conditions, limits, limitations and exclusions to coverage. 

The coverage for each policyholder will be governed by the terms and conditions of the applicable policy. Policy terms and conditions may vary by state. All coverage and limit options may not be available to all customers and are subject to underwriting approval.

Fetch Forward™ is not insurance and is not provided by XL Specialty Insurance or AXIS Insurance Company.

Long live love is a service mark of Fetch, Inc.

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