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A photo of a Vizsla dog's face.

Vizsla dog breed profile

The vizsla is a medium-to-large dog breed that loves to be on the go with their active pet parents. If you’re hoping to adopt a vizsla dog, here’s everything you want to know.

A photo of an apricot-colored Labradoodle.

Labradoodle dog breed profile

A popular family dog, no two Labradoodles are the same, but they’re all oodles of fun.

A photo of an apricot-colored Labradoodle

Labradoodle dog breed profile

A popular family dog, no two Labradoodles are the same, but they’re all oodles of fun.

A photo of a beagle who is standing up

Beagle dog breed profile

Known for their tracking abilities and unmistakable bay, these scent hounds also have a playful, goofy side.

A photo of a Great Dane who is laying down

Great Dane dog breed profile

Great Danes grow super quickly (usually having growth spurts every 3 months until they’re full grown).

A photo of Baxter who is wearing a green colored bandana and sitting in the grass

Meet Baxter, the pup who struggled to run for an unknown reason

When Baxter, a mixed-breed pup, couldn’t keep up with other dogs, his mom knew something was up.

A photo collage of Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dog breed profile

You’ll want to purchase a designated dog brush to take care of Bernese Mountain Dogs’ furry, fluffy hair.

A photo collage of different Shiba Inus

Shiba Inu dog breed profile

This dog breed will do great in a family with experienced dog parents — here’s why.

A photo of a black Newfoundland who is standing up

Newfoundland dog breed profile

These gentle giants are friendly and eager to please.

Tuna the Bulldog laying on the couch looking over his shoulder at the camera

Meet Tuna, one of the most popular Bulldogs in Virginia

This Bulldog’s big personality is the reason he is a bit of a local celebrity.

A photo of a Chausie cat who is laying down

Chausie cat breed profile

Chausies are descendants of wild cats and still share some characteristics with their ancestors.

A photo collage of a Cavapoo who is running toward the camera

Cavapoo dog breed profile

The poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix is known to be friendly, adaptable and very cute.

A photo collage of a white Maltipoo who is laying down

Maltipoo dog breed profile

A Maltipoo could be the small friend you've been looking for.

A photo collage of three fawn pugs who are standing up

Pug dog breed profile

If you’re a foodie, love lounging around and want a pup with a big personality, pugs are likely the perfect dog for you.

A photo of a European Shorthair cat laying down

European Shorthair cat breed profile

European Shorthair cats are a great pet for first-time parents.

A photo of a Himalayan cat with blue eyes who is laying down

Himalayan cat breed profile

The Himalayan cat is a unique long-haired breed that loves human companionship and playing. If this sounds like the cat for you, here’s everything you’ll want to know before adopting this blue-eyed beauty.

A photo collage of three different American Shorthair cats

American Shorthair cat breed profile

The American Shorthair cat has an easy-going personality that sets this breed apart for first-time pet parents, multi-pet households and anyone looking to add a friendly companion to their family.

A photo of a black and brown Bernedoodle who is laying down

Bernedoodle dog breed profile

Bernedoodles are affectionate, loveable dogs suited for family living.

A collage of various hound dogs

Hound dog breed profile

Hound dogs are energetic, loyal dogs known for their keen sense of smell.

A snowshoe cat looking at the camera

Snowshoe cat breed profile

Happy to be your sidekick, snowshoe cats sometimes think they are dogs.

A Chartreux cat laying down

Chartreux cat breed profile

Once avid hunters, Chartreux cats are light on their feet and happily independent.

A Havana Brown cat looking into the camera

Havana Brown cat breed profile

Enamored with their favorite people, Havana Brown cats love to be your shadow.

A photo of a brown greyhound who is laying down

Greyhound dog breed profile

Whether you’re a greyhound parent or are planning on becoming one, you may be surprised at some of these fun facts.

An oriental shorthair cat sitting

Oriental shorthair cat breed profile

This big-eared and affectionate cat breed is closely related to the Siamese, but the difference is they have several different colorways.

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