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Here are all the ways prednisolone helps cats

Veterinarians use three factors to decide how much prednisolone to prescribe.

Cats are sprightly pets. They love to climb tall perches, are professional counter surfers and outdoor felines might even scale trees. So if you notice that yours seem to be moving slower or is in pain, you’ll want to take them to the vet’s office. 

Your veterinarian might prescribe prednisolone, a steroid given to cats as an anti-inflammatory treatment. However, this isn’t the only condition that's treated with this medication. Keep reading to find out how prednisolone benefits cats and how to serve it. 

How can prednisolone help cats?

Cats with allergies or joint pain are typically given prednisolone as an anti-inflammatory solution. It’s also an immunosuppressant for autoimmune diseases, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease or as a cancer chemotherapy agent, Dr. Aliya McCullough, DVM, Fetch’s on-staff vet, says.

If your cat’s prescribed prednisolone, you’ll either give it to them orally as a tablet or suspension, which is a liquid form.

What are the side effects of prednisolone for cats?

You might notice your cat urinating more often or an increased thirst when taking prednisolone, Dr. McCullough explains. 

“Chronic prednisolone use can lead to decreased adrenal gland function, increased infection risk due to immune system suppression, greater appetite, gastrointestinal upset, irritation leading to ulcers and increased blood sugar if given in high doses,” she adds. 

If your cat has a negative reaction to prednisolone, Dr. McCullough recommends contacting your veterinarian. Unfortunately, the side effects usually can’t be stopped immediately, but there are ways to decrease the reaction.

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How much prednisolone can a cat have?

Your cat’s weight, their ailment and the severity of their condition are all factors that determine how much prednisolone your veterinarian will prescribe, Dr. McCullough explains. 

“In most cases, the amount of prednisolone is tapered to the lowest effective dosage as directed by a veterinarian,” she adds. 

Similar to the amount of prednisolone your cat’s prescribed, the length of time they take it depends on the same three factors. According to Dr. McCullough, some feline friends will take it for a short period, while others will continue the treatment for their entire lives. 

Are there any natural remedies to use instead of prednisolone? 

Before testing a natural remedy, Dr. McCullough urges you to always talk to your veterinarian. However, if you’re interested in incorporating different solutions into your cat’s recovery (depending on their condition), ask your pet’s doctor about homeopathic treatments or special diets.

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