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Does Fetch Pet Insurance cover IVDD?

We know you want to do the best for your pet, so you can enjoy your best lives together. If your cat or dog’s breed is more likely to develop intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), it’s always a good idea to stay prepared with pet insurance. IVDD in dogs and cats is covered with Fetch Pet Insurance. Fetch pays back up to 90% of unexpected vet bills, so you can get the best diagnostics and treatment for your pet.

What is IVDD in dogs and cats?

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) is a condition that occurs in both dogs and cats in which one or more intervertebral discs stick out from their normal position. This puts pressure on the spinal cord, which can potentially cause neurologic symptoms.

IVDD in dogs or cats impacts their spine. A dog or cat’s spine is made up of boney segments called vertebrae, which surround and protect the spinal cord. The vertebrae start at the neck and continue all the way down to the tail – with intervertebral discs acting as a cushion between each one – so it’s important that they stay in place. Intervertebral disc disease in dogs and cats causes a lot of discomfort. You might be concerned about IVDD dog life expectancy, but don’t worry, intervertebral disc disease in dogs doesn’t always impact life expectancy. Dogs with IVDD can live a long, happy and healthy life. 

What are common IVDD symptoms and signs?

  • Severe pain in the neck or back area over the affected disc
  • Your pet may stand in a rigid position, be reluctant to move, or arch their back
  • Incoordination 
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Paralysis of the limbs

Get to know intervertebral disc disease in dogs symptoms. If your pet is showing any of these signs, remember the best thing you can do is take them to the vet to get the help they need as soon as possible and let them assess the stage of IVDD in your dog.

Accidents alone can sometimes cause IVDD in dogs and cats, but for the most part, the biggest culprit is genetics. IVDD is very common in Dachshunds but intervertebral disc disease in dogs occurs across other breeds. Some other breeds that are at a higher risk include:

When it comes to cats, IVDD is most likely to affect middle-aged felines of any breed. They also tend to have severe neurological symptoms that appear more rapidly.

IVDD treatment is covered by insurance

As long as IVDD is not a pre-existing condition, Fetch can help pay up to 90% of the cost of diagnostics and treatment – we’ll even cover the cost of the sick exam. If your vet suspects your pet has IVDD, they’ll most likely recommend multiple diagnostic tests and treatments, making this neurologic disease quite expensive. Many can’t afford IVDD surgery without the help of comprehensive pet insurance. Fetch Pet Insurance gives you peace of mind — you can focus on giving your pet the care they need, comforted by the knowledge that we’ll be there to help cover the IVDD surgery cost. 

Common IVDD Costs

It can be expensive for vets to provide intervertebral disc disease in dogs treatment. 

Sick visit: the exam fee, including specialist consultations and recheck examinations

These fees can range from $45-$250 per exam

Diagnostic tests: blood work, radiographs, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Expect to pay $150-$3,000 per diagnostic test

IVDD medical therapy: pain medication(s), sedatives, muscle relaxers, anti-nausea medications and/or follow-up care

On average, expect costs between $50-$250 per visit or refill

IVDD surgery cost: the time, expertise and equipment needed to perform the surgery by the vet

Intervertebral disc disease surgery cost can be between $1,500-$4,000

Chronic care and rehabilitation: acupuncture, physical therapy, laser therapy and/or massage therapy

Costs are variable but can range from $60-$200 per session

According to Fetch claims data, one Dachshund’s IVDD care totaled $13,220(!). Luckily, this pup was insured with Fetch, and their pet parents were reimbursed $11,477.

IVDD treatment options not covered by insurance

No other pet insurance providers will cover pre-existing conditions. So, if your pet was diagnosed with IVDD or showed clinical signs of the disease before enrolling or during the waiting periods, this health condition would not be covered.

Protect your pet – and your wallet – with Fetch

You may be wondering how to prevent IVDD in dogs or cats, but because the condition is impacted by genetics, it’s not preventable. If your pet’s breed has a high risk of IVDD, consider enrolling in Fetch’s comprehensive pet insurance policy as soon as possible. This condition affects your pet’s nervous system and can show symptoms without warning, so it’s important to stay prepared. Fetch Pet Insurance comes standard with breed-related conditions and chronic disease coverage, so your pet will be protected. 

Compare providers and read the terms and conditions before you make a decision on which plan works best for your pet.

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