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Panacur could remedy your dog’s parasite infection

This deworming medication comes in three forms.

Finding out that your dog has a parasite infection is always a bummer. But if your veterinarian prescribed Panacur as the deworming treatment, the silver lining is that your pup’s probably on her way to feeling better.

If some details of this deworming treatment got lost in the shuffle of your vet visit, don’t worry. Of course, you can always call your veterinarian if you have specific questions. But, we spoke to Dr. Emily Singler, VMD, Fetch’s on-staff veterinarian, to learn the ins and outs of this medication.

What’s Panacur for dogs?

Panacur, also known as fenbendazole, is an orally-administered dewormer used to treat different types of parasites, like hookwormsroundworms and whipworms, that find their way into dogs' systems. 

Sometimes Panacur is used to guard against the giardia parasite by killing worms that have hatched from their eggs (but it doesn't work against unhatched parasites).

What are the side effects of Panacur for dogs?

Panacur only has a few possible side effects, making it a great option for getting your dog back to good health — just as long as your vet thinks so.

Like any oral medication, there's a risk of stomach upset, loose stool and decreased appetite, but these side effects aren't common, Dr. Singler shares.

Since your vet prescribed your pup Panacur, they probably won't experience any negative side effects, but contact your veterinarian if you notice any changes in your dog.

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Panacur dosage for dogs

If your veterinarian prescribes your pup Panacur, they'll share the proper dosage amount with you based on the condition it's treating.

You can serve your pup Panacur in three ways: a powder mixed into their wet food, a liquid that can be squirted into their mouth (or incorporated into their wet food) or even a pill form that can be wrapped in a treat.

If your dog's picky about taking medication, talk to your veterinarian about the best option for them.

How long should my dog take Panacur?

How long your dog should take Panacur depends on their parasite type and the severity of their condition.

Usually, Panacur is administered for at least 3 days in a row, but veterinarians often prefer to treat dogs with multiple rounds of the medication. Repeating the dose 2 to 3 weeks after the first prescription may help kill any worms that hadn't hatched.

"Panacur is a great option for pretty much all dogs who need this dewormer," Dr. Singler encourages.

Following your veterinarian's post-appointment tips for administering Panacur and making sure to contact them if your dog has an adverse reaction, you're steps closer to getting your pup back to a worm-free life.

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