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Corgi dog breed profile

Corgis are typically friendly and happy, making them great family dogs.

Whether your pup is a purebred Corgi or a Corgi mix, learning about their breed can explain a lot about your pet’s personality, habits and overall health. Or maybe you're looking too adopt a Corgi and doing some research beforehand — we can help with that.

Corgis are great family pups, but can be stubborn because they’re so smart. They’re highly trainable, especially if starting at a young age, which can help stop any mischievous behavior. Corgis are known to be independent pups, who are loyal and loving, making them great companions for most families. 

What are the different types of Corgis? 

There are two different breeds of Corgi: Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Both breeds are originally from Wales, England, which may explain why they’re a favorite of Queen Elizabeth. According to Dr. Carly Fox, senior veterinarian at Schwarzman Animal Medical Center in New York City, Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis have similar appearances but will generally have different coloring. 

What do Corgis look like?

Pembroke Corgis are the more common breed variation — you may recognize them for their orange-and-white fur and friendly demeanor. You can tell Cardigan Corgis apart from Pembrokes by their colorful fur variations (think: browns, blacks, tans and whites) along with their longer, more sloped bodies and larger overall size. 

Corgis, in general, typically weigh between 20 to 30 pounds, but can be larger depending on genetics. These fluffy pups are also known to be heavy shedders and require regular brushing and grooming

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What are Corgis’ personalities like?

Although Pembroke Corgis are known as friendlier dogs compared to Cardigans, both breeds generally have happy personalities that make them great family pets. 

Corgis were originally working dogs, so they have a lot of energy and should have plenty of playtime each day. They’re also known to be stubborn and strong-willed. If not properly socialized as puppies, they can be hesitant of strangers, Dr. Fox says. 

What are Corgi puppies like?

Corgi puppies are highly intelligent and easy to train — but these stubborn dogs can be mouthy.  

“As puppies, they require firm direction during training to prevent unwanted behaviors,” Dr. Fox says. 

Crate training your pup is a good way to make them comfortable during their first night home. If you plan to crate train, you should begin right away with a crate large enough for your Corgi to turn around and lay comfortably in, but not too large that they use half the space as a bathroom. 

When out of the crate your new pup should be supervised to prevent them from eating a foreign object or having any other accidents. If you have other pets in the home, it’s also important to introduce them slowly and always under direct supervision to avoid any issues. 

What are common health issues for Corgis?

Corgis typically live 12 to 14 years but are prone to certain health issues. Most typically, intervertebral disc disease, a breakdown of spinal bones, Dr. Fox says. Corgi parents should talk to their veterinarian about preventing this disease and any other health issues that may arise. 

Adopting a Corgi

Are you interested in adopting a Corgi, Corgi mix or any pet at all? We think every pet deserves a home and encourage you to check out our shelter partners

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