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Image of a black and gray tonkinese cat

Tonkinese cat breed profile

Tonkinese cats are an affectionate breed that are a mix of the charming Siamese and Burmese cats. Here’s what else you’ll want to know about the playful tonk.

Three photos of Golden Retrievers: one sitting, one lying on his back and one looking at the camera

Golden Retrievers dog breed profile

This athletic dog is social, smart and eager to please.

A photo collage of a Toyger cat over another photo of a Toyger cat

Toyger cat breed profile

Toyger cats look like mini tigers, but that’s not the only thing that makes them interesting.

A photo of a brown Abyssinian cat who is sitting on a blue chair

Abyssinian cat breed profile

Are you a pet parent to an Abyssinian cat? Or want to welcome this cat breed into your life? Then you’re in the right place.

A photo of a Burmese cat next who is next to an illustration of a cat tree

Burmese cat breed profile

If you’re looking for another cat to add to your family of cats and dogs, Burmese cats are a choice.

A photo of a white poodle, a photo of two brown boodles wearing sunglasses and hats and a photo of a black poodle

Poodle dog breed profile

These glamorous pups are known for their distinct looks, but they’re also incredibly intelligent. Here’s what else you should know about poodles.

A photo of a German Shepherd sitting

German Shepherd dog breed profile

Although you may frequently see these dogs working with police, they can be loyal family pets and are generally great with kids.

Photo of a Husky with his tongue out

Husky dog breed profile

You’ve probably seen these fluffy dogs singing or talking back to their parents, but what else should you know about these friendly pups?

Image of a goldendoodle playing in the snow while a second goldendoodle runs toward the camera

Goldendoodle dog breed profile

This affectionate, low-shed breed is begging to join your playful family.

Photo of a Boxer dog

Boxer dog breed profile

American, German, English and mixed-breed Boxers are the perfect fit for pet parents with active lifestyles.

Photo of two black cane corso dogs

Cane corso dog breed profile

Cane corso puppies can grow large and tend to be serious dogs, making them great companions for experienced dog parents.

A photo of Koko the golden retriever laying on a person

Koko, a dog who had never been inside of a house, is now a beloved neighborhood pet

Meet Koko. This golden retriever went from never stepping foot in a house to being somewhat of a neighborhood celebrity.

A bulldog photo collage

American, French and English Bulldog breed profiles

The differences between American, French and English Bulldogs.

A photo of an orange LaPerm cat sitting on the floor

LaPerm cat breed profile

This curly-haired cat breed is outgoing, inquisitive and gentle.

A collage of photos of Bombay cats

Bombay cat breed profile

This sleek, majestic cat has physical traits similar to black panthers — but much smaller! Here’s everything you need to know about this cat breed.

A photo collage of two gray colored cats

Scottish Fold breed profile

Scottish Folds may be named after their folded ears, but what if we told you that not every Scottish Fold looked the same?

A photo collage of several mixed breed dogs

Mutt or mixed-breed dog profile

Mixed-breed (also called mutt) dogs are so fun because they carry qualities from several different breeds.

A small dog looks at the camera with their head tilted

Everything you need to know about hypoallergenic dog breeds

Adopting a hypoallergenic dog breed may be the solution to your pet dander allergies; just make sure you know which breeds are best for you.

A dog plays on the beach with a stick in his mouth

How to adopt or train an emotional support animal

Are you looking for an emotional support animal? Here’s what you need to know about how to adopt or properly train your pet the right way.

A puppy licking glass

How to adopt a pet: a step-by-step guide

When you’re ready to invite a pet into your family, here’s how to adopt the right way.

A collage of photos of two gray colored British Shorthair cats and an illustration of a white comb

British Shorthair cat breed profile

British Shorthair cats are great pets for people that have a chill lifestyle. They’re low-energy and appreciate some alone time.

A collage of photos of two brown colored Norwegian Forest cats with an illustration of a cat toy

Breed profile: Norwegian Forest cat

This cat breed is independent but appreciates the occasional cuddle, too.

A collage of photos of Siberian cats on a beige colored background

Here’s everything you need to know about Siberian cats

Siberian cats are playful, friendly and love a bit of adventure.

A photo of a white and gray colored dog sleeping on the couch with a child wearing a pink colored headband

7 kid-friendly dog breeds for families

A pro in dog personalities shares what traits to look for when considering the addition of a kid-friendly pup to the family.

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