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A yorkie and a corgi run on a boardwalk.

Tips for taking perfect pet pictures

There's nothing more adorable than a great picture of your pet. Here are some tips from Fetch for getting those supermodel level selfies.

Fetch Pets

A greyish-black schnoodle walks on the beach.

George the schnoodle battles it all and comes out on top

At 12-years-old and after heart surgery, a dog named George proves that age is just a number. After several emergency heart surgeries and beating cancer, he is back to his youthful self.

Pet Insurance 101

Confused hound dog wearing glasses and tilting his head

Pet insurance cost factors

With Fetch, figuring out how much you pay each month is easy. We let our members customize their payment plan for their pet’s lifestyle and health.

Health & Wellness

Two long-haired dachshunds running on the beach.

How hot is too hot for your dog?

As the weather warms up, it’s important to think about how the temperatures could affect our dogs. Dr. Kim Smyth, shares tips to decide when it’s safe for your dog to be outdoors.

Pet Insurance 101

An orange cat laying underneath an illustration of a stethoscope.

What is a pre-existing condition?

While a pre-existing condition is a medical condition which began before the start date of your pet’s insurance policy and is not covered, Fetch does things differently. Learn how a pre-existing condition may be eligible for coverage.

Health & Wellness

A dog swimming in the water with a stick in their mouth.

A pet parent's guide to caring for your dog's ears

Water in your dog’s ear causes discomfort and is an opportunity for bacteria to grow. Fetch pet expert, Dr. Kim Smyth, shares some infection prevention and treatment tips to help your dog.

Health & Wellness

A cat sitting and looking into the camera in front of a green background.

What your cat's eyes can tell you about their health

Cat’s eyes are not only fascinating, but they also can tell you a lot about their health. Fetch pet expert Dr. Kim Smyth shares a few key signs to look out for in your cat’s eyes.

Pet Insurance 101

A group of French Bulldogs with an illustration of an umbrella over them.

What is included in our comprehensive coverage?

Figuring out what’s included when we describe our most comprehensive coverage shouldn’t be complicated. Learn more about all of the ways we will cover your dog or cat with Fetch pet insurance.

Health & Wellness

A black pug looking up at their pet parent and wearing an e-collar.

Five tips for wearing an e-collar for dogs

If your dog had surgery and needs to wear an e-collar, it’s vital for their recovery that they keep it on. Fetch pet expert, Dr. Kim Smyth, gives some easy tips on how to make it less stressful for your dog.

Health & Wellness

Little white kitten.

Tips for pet health: side effects of antibiotics and steroids

Antibiotics and steroids both have irritating side effects for our pets. Fetch pet expert, Dr. Kim Smyth, shares what pet parents need to know when caring for their sick pet.

Pet Insurance 101

A mixed breed pup on a green background with an illustrated headset around their head.

How to use the app to file a claim

Did you know that you can file a claim on our app for your pet’s recent vet visit? Follow these six simple steps so you can get back to playing with your pet.

Health & Wellness

A an orange and white cat licking its lips in front of a pink background.

Food safety: is yogurt safe for pets?

Is yogurt safe for your pet? Fetch asked pet expert, Dr. Ernie Ward, to explain if this tasty snack is OK for our pets.

Pet Insurance 101

Mixed breed with black and brown spotted fur wearing a white collar on a navy background

Differences between insurance and preventive care

Understanding pet insurance and preventive care plans can be confusing–but not with Fetch. We're breaking down the key differences.

Health & Wellness

A German Shepherd laying in the grass in front of a fence.

A pet parent's guide to dislocated hips

Fetch worked with veterinarian Dr. Kim Smyth to cover everything you need to know about dislocated hips, from symptoms to treatment options.

Pet Insurance 101

A bulldog with their tongue hanging out with a toothbrush drawing on a bright blue background

What does pet dental insurance cover?

When it comes to our pets, their mouths are like an extra hand. Fetch offers comprehensive dental care so your pet’s teeth will always be taken care of.

Health & Wellness

A black dachshund standing next to a white wall with his ear flung in the air.

Identifying and treating your pet's pain

Is your dog suffering from neck or back pain? Our pet expert, Dr. Nina Mantione, explains how to spot and treat your pet’s pain.

Health & Wellness

A doodle lounging on a bed and looking into the camera.

What you need to know about dog allergies and Cytopoint

Fetch pet expert, Dr. Ernie Ward, discusses dog allergies and Cytopoint treatment that could help your dog’s itchy skin.

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