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Pet Insurance 101

Pet insurance cost factors

Here’s a quick cheat sheet

If you’re wondering, “How is pet insurance priced out,” that’s a fair question. We get that it can be confusing to determine what you’re actually paying for and why you’re paying that price. Read below to learn the four main factors that go into determining the price of your plan. 


As pets grow older, the likelihood of them needing medical care goes up, and therefore so does the cost to insure them — meaning older pets are more expensive than younger pets. To get the most out of your coverage, enroll your pet at a young age or soon after adopting when they have little to no medical issues. That way, you’ll get a clean bill of health from your vet setting them up for coverage as your pets age and issues arise, you’ll have security knowing you’re taken care of.


Many cats and dogs have conditions that are common to their breed, making some breeds more expensive to insure than others. Take a German Shepherd — they’ll most likely have a higher premium than a chihuahua because their larger size requires a higher dose of medication. However, unlike other providers, we don’t charge expensive riders for purebred pets. We make sure breed specific conditions are covered in our plan.

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Did you know that vet costs vary depending on where you’re located? If you live in a state where vets charge more for care, your plan will cost more. 

Your choices

And all Fetch members have the ability to customize their monthly payments. After getting a free quote from our website, you have the choice to change your maximum annual payout, deductible and the amount you’ll get paid back until you’ve reached the configuration you want. 

What does this mean? If you have a pet that keeps getting into trouble or needs to visit the vet often, it’s better to have a low deductible and a higher total payout. Once you’ve paid the deductible, Fetch will cover the rest at the percentage you selected (up to 90%). However, this comes with a higher monthly cost. 

If your pet is generally healthy and you can afford smaller, one-off issues that may arise, it may be better for you to get a higher deductible with a lower total payout which will lower your monthly cost.

Regardless of what pricing plan you choose, you’re still getting the same superior coverage with Fetch. 

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