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Nothing can stop Daisy, a determined dachshund, from getting what she wants

You can’t sideline this playful pup

A tad too smart for her own good, Daisy can skillfully unzip bags and climb up things that dogs her size normally can’t. Unfortunately, that can get her into trouble.

“Originally, I took out pet insurance on my daughter’s dachshund, Lily. I told my husband if something happened to her and we couldn't pay for it, Katie would disown us,” Fetch member Stephanie said. “A few months later, I said, you know, I love my dog just as much. I’m going to get it for Daisy, too." 

That decision would save Daisy’s life.

Up to no good  

One day, Stephanie noticed her 19-year-old son’s toothbrush — which he typically kept in the shower — had caught Daisy’s attention. Taking it from her dog, she placed it back in the shower, but without her knowing, her determined dog was on a mission to get it back. 

Later that evening, Daisy’s walk became irregular, and she kept trying to hide. The odd behavior continued until 4:00 AM, when the dachshund couldn’t stop squirming in bed. Thinking her dog had to go to the bathroom, Stephanie picked her up and took her out to the backyard. Stephanie watched in horror as Daisy helplessly tipped over in a blanket of fresh snow.  

"I knew immediately it was her back and that she was in serious trouble," Stephanie recalled.

In her adventurous quest to get the toothbrush from the shower, Daisy severely injured her spine. Jumping out of the tub caused her spinal discs to bang together and release the spinal fluid, cutting circulation to the lower part of her body and tail. Their family vet delivered the news: it didn’t look good.

The best pet insurance, period.

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How Fetch helped

Before the vet could suggest steroids for temporary relief, Stephanie blurted out that she had pet insurance, knowing the coverage would let her give Daisy the very best care, no matter the cost. A talented surgeon conducted the necessary surgery, and now Daisy is able to run, play, and swim like her happy old self. 

"If anything happens to Daisy or any of my other dogs, I don't have to financially put myself or my family at risk, because I know we're protected; my dog can get the care it needs,” Stephanie said. “A lot of people would have to put down their pets because they couldn’t financially support that care. If we did not have Fetch, Daisy would not be able to walk today." 

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