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Pet Insurance 101

Is pet insurance worth the cost?

The best pets deserve the best care

Pets bring meaning and adventure to our lives and sometimes, they also bring surprises. As much as we care about them, we can’t always protect them from life’s unplanned moments. 

But Fetch’s superior insurance can. We’ll be there for you when your pet is sick or hurt by covering up to 90% of unexpected vet bills. We’ve been covering pet parents for over 15 years and want to take care of your pet. See how Fetch has covered some outstanding pets and their families.

Sydney: pitbull mix

Vet bills: $8,402

Fetch paid: $5,074

His parents paid: $3,328

Bullet: springer spaniel

Vet bills: $6,411

Fetch paid: $4,928

His parents paid: $1,483

The best pet insurance, period.

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And if your pet is healthy (yay) you’ll get rewarded. What do we mean by this? If your pet goes without a paid claim for an entire year, we’ll apply a 15% healthy pet credit to your premium for the upcoming year. So, if your dog’s monthly payment is around $136 for the first year without a paid claim, the next year we will subtract around $20. If they go 2 years without a paid claim, we’ll subtract another 15% from your premium.

Fetch covers any breed of cats and dogs above the age of 6 weeks. Your pets mean the world to us and we’ll do whatever it takes to get them to purr, smile or wag. Protect your pet and sign up today. Because pets are family.

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