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Pet Insurance 101

How to use Fetch pet insurance

With Fetch, it’s simple

Fetch pet insurance makes sure that pets always get the care they need. We cover up to 90% of unexpected injuries and illnesses because we understand that when it comes to pets, life is full of surprises. 

Learn all the best practices when using Fetch pet insurance.

When’s the best time to sign up? 

The best time to sign up for Fetch is when your pet is young or right after adopting. No pet insurance provider covers pre-existing conditions (which are health conditions your pet had before signing up), so it’s best to enroll with a clean bill of health to get the most out of your plan. 

Can I customize my monthly payment?

Yes. At any time you can get a free quote on our website. Answer a few questions about your pet, and if you’re not satisfied with the suggested plan, customize your monthly payment amount. 

The best pet insurance, period.

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How and when do I get paid back? 

Getting paid back is easy. After you visit your vet, get a PDF or paper copy of your invoice and upload it to Fetch’s app or website to submit your claim. You’ll get paid back within 15 days, but you can also enroll in direct deposit to get paid back even faster. 

How to calculate how much you’ll get paid back? 

Every case is different, but here’s an example of how pet parents got paid back: 

A dog named Peanut had an emergency treatment and her pet parents paid the total bill of $1,542 at first. Luckily, she was enrolled early in Fetch’s pet insurance policy with a 90% reimbursement rate and $200 annual deductible. 

$1,542 x 90% reimbursement rate = $1,387.80

$1,387.80 - $200 deductible = $1,187.80

Pet parents paid: Around $350

Pet insurance doesn’t just cover expensive surprise vet bills, it also gives pet parents peace of mind so they can focus on their pet’s health. 

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