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George the schnoodle battles it all and comes out on top

A pup gets a second lease on life

George met Lauren on the set of a television show. He was one of the hypoallergenic adoptable pups featured in a segment right before hers.

Their connection was immediate — someone on set literally put George in Lauren’s arms while announcing, “This is your dog.” As an actress, Lauren needed a pet that would be comfortable as a travel companion. George’s calm and confident personality made them a great match.

But while visiting family, George suddenly collapsed and was rushed to an emergency clinic where they found that he had suffered from heart failure. After his first hospital stay, his health seemed to improve until the stress of moving to a new apartment triggered another heart failure. 

Then the worst news came. George had Stage C heart failure which typically means pets only have about 6 months to live. A doctor warned Lauren that if George didn't have heart surgery, he would continue to have heart failures.

The best pet insurance, period.

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But luckily for Lauren, when George was 5-years-old, she listened to her dad, Fred’s, encouragement to sign up for pet insurance. He believes that pets deserve health insurance just like humans. 

“I enrolled in Fetch because I would never want to be in the position where I have to choose between him and my life savings,” said Lauren.

Knowing that Fetch would cover her vet bills, Lauren didn’t hesitate to sign George up for heart surgery. Five repaired heart chords later and George seemed to be on the way back to his younger self. 

George’s condition required follow-up appointments to make sure his health was always on the right track. At a post-op appointment, they noticed a growing mass on his butt. Again, knowing that the unexpected surgery would be covered, Lauren opted to have the mass removed. 

“I can’t even imagine how I would’ve done this without pet insurance,” said Lauren. “I am just so grateful to Fetch.” 

To cover all of George’s surgeries and follow-up appointments, Fetch paid Lauren back $11,375. Fetch is so grateful to be a part of his journey and recovery, so that George and Lauren can continue making memories. 

“He’s gotten through so much and he’s so much like a puppy now, running around,” said Fred.

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