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Pet Insurance 101

Dog walking services and pet insurance

Dogs need their daily steps

As some pet parents start to trade in their sweats for actual pants and spend more time away from home, it’s important to think of ways to help your pets adjust to being alone. 

Dog walkers, for one, can exercise and socialize your pup while you’re out and about. Apps like Rover offer all kinds of care from dog walking to house-sitting to grooming. Or there’s Wag!, which lets you track your dog’s walk in real-time so you know they’re safe and having a blast.  

But, if you’re considering using these services, it’s a good idea to sign up for pet insurance. Take it from Julia Velarde, Fetch’s video editor, who has dog walking experience of her own. She’s sharing her personal stories and how Fetch pet insurance could’ve helped. 


“I had just started walking this huge Great Dane who was new to the city. She was pretty nervous, but after a few walks, I felt comfortable with her. One day she was triggered by a noise and dragged me into the street while managing to get out of her harness,” Velarde said. 

How Fetch helps: If your pet isn’t great on walks or is skittish in public, it’s best to get them trained before handing them over to a dog walker. Fetch covers behavioral therapy so your pup can feel comfortable in and out of the house. For pets suffering from separation anxiety, work with your pup’s behavioral therapist to make sure they’re not aggressive towards or scared of a dog walker. 

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Allergic reactions

“City dog walkers are trained to be very aware of street scraps. I always tried to dodge street scraps like the plague, but some dogs had a psychic ability to see the unseen,” Velarde said. “One time, one of my dogs found a donut and kept her mouth shut until we got home. She ran to the kitchen to try to eat in secret. I knew she was acting suspicious and was so sad when I took it from her and her hard work came to an abrupt end.” 

How Fetch helps: Talk to your dog walker about the types of treats your dog can eat and any dietary issues they may have. If your dog does eat something they shouldn’t and needs exams, Fetch covers the entire sick visit. 

Teeth injuries 

“An older dog I was walking in an unfamiliar walk-up took a turn too quickly and bonked his face into a corner. He lost a tooth.” 

How Fetch helps: At Fetch, we know a dog’s mouth is almost like a person’s hand (they use it for pretty much everything). And unlike other pet insurance companies, we cover any injury or illness to all adult teeth — not just the four canines. And if an accident happens — especially while you’re not there — having pet insurance and giving your walker the go-ahead to get your pup straight to the vet in the case of an emergency can make all the difference. 

What if my dog walking service has insurance?

Some dog walking services have their own versions of insurance protection. For example, Rover has the Rover Guarantee. Their insurance covers things like vet care (not long-term) and physical damage to a pet parent’s property by a dog walker. While this initiative says a lot about the level of care that Rover shows their clients, wouldn’t you feel more secure knowing that your pet is always covered? 

As we start spending more time away from home, dog walking services are a great way to socialize your dog while getting their steps in. 

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