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Bullet the English Springer Spaniel won’t let surgery stop his playtime

There’s so many more walks in his future

Bullet, also affectionately called The Wizard because of his wispy eyebrows, was adopted by Dave and Kasie after being surrendered to a kill shelter at just 11-months-old. Growing up, his life was full of swimming and snuggling, but as he got older it became harder for him to walk. 

Bullet ended up needing medical care to deal with his walking problem, but rising bills didn’t scare his parents — they were prepared with Fetch pet insurance.

The diagnosis

“At first, we thought his limping was from the hip we’d been treating for arthritis,” said Kasie. “But the next morning, he still wasn’t putting weight on that side.” 

After a visit to their vet and a few X-rays later, they were told that Bullet needed a hip replacement and surgery to repair a torn ligament in his knee. The surgeries were a success but his parents knew it was only the beginning of a long recovery process. 

The recovery

When he left the hospital, in order to have a safe recovery, his life at home had to change. For almost 12 weeks, he lived in a smaller area of their house to protect him from stairs and keep him from jumping on furniture. Dave even quarantined with him downstairs for a while. 

But after Bullet was done wearing his e-collar and finished his medication, his parents were able to consider long-term therapy without the worry of expensive vet bills.

The best pet insurance, period.

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How Fetch helped

Dude, their previous pup who liked eating grass, led them to pet insurance. Kasie’s company offered pet insurance, but after doing her own research she chose Fetch instead. After Fetch covered Dude’s surgery to remove a stomach full of grass, they understood the value of pet insurance and knew they needed it when they adopted Bullet.

“Pet insurance is really what got us through all of Bullet’s injuries and surgeries,” said Kasie. “If we didn’t have Fetch insurance that would’ve been catastrophic for us.” 

At the start of Bullet’s recovery journey, his vet bills had reached $6,411. But it wasn’t as much of a financial burden because Fetch paid Bullet’s family back $4,928. With the security that Fetch would cover Bullet’s vet bills, Kasie and Dave were able to focus on their best friend. 

“For us, pet insurance takes all the worry off the table and it allows you to really focus on the health of your pet,” said Dave. “And frankly, the health of ourselves.” 

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